Okay, I love Christmas.
I think I really do, Christmas cookies, Christmas movies, Christmas music, Chrismas everything. I love hanging with my family and eating cookie dough and I reeee-heally love this movie that airs every year on Norwegian television. It is amazing. It's made in like the Czech Republic or something. And made in like the 70s or whatever. This movie is on every year, and in English it would be named Three nuts for Cinderella. It's really great cause in stead of doing subtitles they have one guy doing a voice over on absolutely all the people. And he is amazing, his voice never changes, and he is amazing and I love that movie. I see it every year. I love Christmas traditions, and just to add something I didn't mention earlier. I love Christmas soda. It is yummy.
Yeah, that's all I wanna say. Christmas rocks!