Procrastination and boredom.

Okay, so school is back in session. At least in theory it is. I am back in school. I sit in my living room longing for things to do that are related to school, which is strange enough, it being me. So far I only have one lecture per week (it is changing this week however, now I have two), and I don't have too much to read, so I'm climbung the walls in agony and boredom. I want to do school things. Oh God.

Then I get stuff to read, the lecturer tells us what we should read for next Monday, and then the master of procrastination strikes (it being me), and I don't read. Instead I watch TV, watch downloaded episodes of gossip girl or supernatural, write blogs (like now) and download stuff. I read this article of a guy, whose name I have forgotten, and he wrote an article on procrastination, and he said something I very much agree with, the web rules when it comes to procrastination, there is so much to do, blog, download, read blogs, facebook, chatting, stuff, it rules. But I also like what Ellen Degeneres said, which was something like procrastination is the universe's way of saying slow down, so procrastinate now, don't put it off.

Also, I am going to London in March, I can't wait. March come on. I so wanna see Chicago, and buy lots and lots of cool shoes and clothes, and I wanna see chicago (as I said). So January and Febuary, please hurry and get finished. NOW!