Giving up

Title: John Dies @ the End
Author: Jason Pargin (written under the pseudonym David Wong)
Language: English
Year of publication: 2007
Genre: Horror, comedy novel

All right so it’s hard for me to admit this, for some reason, but I gave up on a book: more specifically John dies @ the end. I don’t know why I find it hard to give up on books I’ve chosen myself; it’s possibly my Good girl-syndrome. I should really stop caring, cause it’s not like someone checks up on me and makes sure I’ve read them, it’s not school. I couldn’t find it in me to finish John dies @ the end, and I’ll try to explain why.

I feel like I gave it a fair chance, I read about 150 pages, and if you can’t convince me in that time you’ll have to deal with me putting down your book. I doubt David Wong knows I put down the book. The reason I didn’t finish is because it didn’t really grab me, I had trouble following the story lines. I feel like there were too many of them and that the author never finished any of them, which annoyed me. He just kept introducing new story lines. Basically it's about this new drug called soy sauce and it gives the main characters John and Dave. Suddenly there is evil and horror all over, and that's where I struggled to keep up.

The characters are also sort of similar and I had trouble telling them apart sometimes. I couldn’t really relate to any of them, which made it hard to really get into the book. The main characters are Dave and John, but their names are faked and they live in an undisclosed town. They're both sort of nerdy and work in a videostore. Also, the characters annoyed me, especially Dave for some reason. He seems so whiny and annoying, and John is a bit more go-get-them, but he's sort of a douchebag, so he annoyed me too. It's okay if the main characters are annoying if they have redeeming qualities, but these two don't. 

What I thought 
I feel like it’s sad that the book isn’t better, because I quite like the premise, it’s nice to have a book about something supernatural that is sort of new and fresh. Therefore it’s annoying that it wasn’t better executed. Also the writing isn't exactly spectacular.

My rating is a thumbs down, but I think I might watch the movie, because as I said I like the premise. Maybe if I see the movie I’ll understand what’s happening.