Books in August

Alright August, here you are. Um. I need to read a bunch of books that I didn’t finish in July. I say a bunch, I pretty much mean two, maybe three.

I’m going to finish Anno Dracula. I’m about halfway in, and I really like it so far. I like the original Dracula, and I like Jack the Ripper stories, so this is pretty much all I need to be happy. I should manage to finish it in August, I mean I’ve read 200 pages, it’ll be fine.

I should also read the Amber Spyglass, because it’s the only book left in the Dark Materials trilogy. I am looking forward to it. I think I felt a bit annoyed after the Subtle Knife and I wasn’t so keen on it, but I do want to know what happens so I’ll get to it.

I’m reading Persuasion this month. I follow Misty the Bookrat, a blogger and Booktuber, and she’s doing Austen in August. I didn’t sign up for it, and I’m not officially a part of it, but I thought I could read the book they’re reading anyway, cause I’d get some input on what other people think about it. Besides I’ve never read a Jane Austen book and I really should, I’m 25, I should have read Jane Austen by now. So I’ll read that. It’ll be fun I think. I sort of know what’s it about and it seems interesting.

I have sort of accidentally started a rereading of the Harry Potter books, albeit in the wrong order, and I’ve started the Half-Blood Prince so I’ll probably finish it. I know the book so I don’t imagine it’ll take forever and I can read it sort of at the same time as I read other stuff. I like it.

I don’t imagine I’ll finish it in August, but I need to know what’s gonna happen next so I’ll probably start reading a Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin. It’s a long book, but I do have a long train ride ahead of me in August, so there should be some reading time then. I can’t wait to read it.

If I feel like I don’t have enough to do, or I want to overload my brain completely I can read Darkness Falls, the second book in the Immortal Beloved series. I liked the first book, I feel like the author tricked me somehow, but I couldn’t put the thing down. I don't know how she tricked me, but I'm sure she did. It was also a fairly simple read so I figure that if I do start reading the book it won’t take long. 

So yeah. I’m in no way ambitious. It’ll be fine. Have fun me.