Desert Island Books

So, this is an old book chat from Misty from the Bookrat. Well, old, in internet years it is. But I wanted to do something that wasn’t a rewind, or a TBR, or a review. The concept is; imagine you were stranded on a desert island and you could only bring five books, with some addendums: You’re not allowed to bring survival guides. So, just regular old books. Anyway, here comes the categories:

1.     A book you have read and would like to re-read.
Now I am going to cheat, cause Misty did. She didn’t actually cheat, but she chose the complete works of Jane Austen. So, I’m gonna choose all the Harry Potter books. I know, I’m a big old cheat, but I would pick that because Harry Potter is what I’ve grown up with, the first was published when I was eleven, so yeah. It’s my favorite thing to read and I’ve read it again and again. So we’ll pretend the books are all in one bind-up.

2.     A book you have never read and would like to read.
I think I would bring the Time Machine by H. G. Wells. I’ve always wanted to read it, but I never have. On a desert island I would have time and I think I'd enjoy that, so I'll go for that.

3.     A childhood book
      So because I am a Norwegian and grew up with Norwegian books, and Norwegian translations, my childhood books are all with Norwegian titles. I have read this book called (in Norwegian): Prins Faisals ring. It is called Ring of the Slave Prince in English, I think it’s originally Danish. I read it for the first time when I was like 15, I think, and then I would read it again every summer and I love it so much. It’s about a boy called Tom Collins, who lives on Nevis, and the book is set in 1639. Tom is 14, he’s a liar and he is searching for treasure. He finds a Spaniard and a slave prince bobbing in the water. The boy has a ring, and the Spaniard promises that the boy is worth his weight in gold. Tom then follows the Spaniard when he runs away with the boy, to get the boy to Africa and collect the reward. I’m torn between that book and the Solitaire Mystery, by Jostein Gaarder. It’s a philosophical novel, for kids and I’ve read it a billion times and I find it equally interesting every time. It’s about a boy named Hans Thomas, who goes through Europe with his dad looking through their family history. Hans Thomas finds a book inside a pastry thing, and reads a story that seems sort of weirdly connected to his own family. The Solitaire Mystery is a fantasy story and a sort of fairy tale. It’s structured after a deck of cards and I need to read it again now I realize. So, one of those two.

4.     A series
I think Discworld. People keep telling me it’s awesome and it’s freaking long, so I’d have a lot of books to read.

5.     Random choice
Just cause I just bought it and I want to start it, The Prague cemetery. There’s no particular reason, I just really want to read it, so I can take it to the island.