The happy bookoholic tag

So, I thought I'd write something sort of vaguely interesting. And I thought this would be nice. So, this is a YouTube tag, and uh, enjoy.
1. What do you love about buying new books?
All of it, except the paying part. I don’t mind that my money goes to helping the author, I just need food and I’m not smart enough to prioritize. I love holding books, I love the feeling of owning a new book. I like the idea of walking inside a bookstore and walking out again with a story that I’ve never read or heard and now I can read it and the story is mine. I like collecting books. I like having them and I am looking forward to having a place with enough space for all my books.

2. How often do you buy new books?
I don’t really have a decided course of action when it comes to buying books. I tend to walk into bookstores and then if I see something I just buy it. Sometimes my sister will ban me from entering bookstores because I will buy something. Because I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t. I should read the books that I have.

3. Bookstore or online book shopping - which do you prefer?
I love bookstores, they are my favourite places on earth. I like the smell, I like the atmosphere. I’ve read since I was a little kid and reading has always been one of the most important things in my life. I love reading and I love holding and touching books. I tend to sit down on the floor in bookstores, confusing both patrons and booksellers. They just look at me like I’m insane, but usually just walk around me. I like to just grab some books and sit on the floor and look through them.
I like online shopping too, because I find stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily find in a bookstore, but I just really like physical stores.

4. Do you have a favourite bookstore?
There is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi bookstore in my hometown, and there are books in those genres there. They’re my favourite genres, so I’ll feel like home anyway, but the feeling of the store is amazing. The people who work there are fun and dorky and so sweet and helpful, they always have recommendations and they seem to always know everything. So that’s a favourite.
I just moved to Amsterdam, and there is a huge Waterstone’s in the Kalverstraat. It’s amazing. They only sell English books, and it’s this big, old-looking awesome store. It looks so book-store-y. It’s very pretty. Even if it’s big it seems so relaxed and sweet. 

5. Do you preorder books?
Not normally. I have only done it for very specific reasons, The Fault in Our Stars to get the signed one, and uh I’ve pre-ordered a book because I thought I needed it. And I knew that since I live in Norway it would take longer to get to me. I therefore preordered it to satiate my insanity. I think I read the book in question in like a day.

6. Do you have a monthly book-buying limit? & 7. Book buying bans - are they something for you?
No, but maybe I should. I do sometimes make my sister tell me I’m not allowed, and usually she’s very good at it. She’ll just stare at me and shake her head and I’ll put the book down again. Sometimes she’ll just say: well if you want it just buy it. I know that if I force myself to not buy books I’ll just buy more, so I think that if I just go on the way I am now, because I think it’ll keep me from buying all the books. I do have a clear image of big my bookshelf is, so I try not to kill my bookshelves.

8. How big is your wish list?
I don’t have a conscious wish list. I have books that I want, but I buy them on whims. I’m the least structured human in the universe. Anyway, maybe this is something that I can start procrastinating with, assembling a wish list.

9. Which three books (from you wish list or preorders, or...) would you like to own NOW?
·      The girl who fell beneath fairyland and led the revels there by Catherynne M. Valente, cause I loved the first one.
·      Eternally yours by Cate Tiernan, because I’m all tingly, and I want to read it now, and OMG
·      The Horologicon by Mark Forsyth, it seems amazing.
These will change every now and then, they’re just off the top of my head.