Top ten Tuesday (I know it's Thursday): Top ten most frustrating characters

So this is a blog-thing from The Broke & the Bookish. It should be on Tuesday, but I'm slow, and I will try to do one once a week, although whenever I say something like this I flake out instantly. But I will try. Here we go: Top ten most frustrating characters. Enjoy. 

1. Holden Caulfield – Catcher in the rye
Yeah, Catcher in the Rye is a classic, and I’m sure for some people it’s the bee’s knees. I think there was too much hype and I might have to reread it, but I found Holden Caulfield so annoying. He’s whiny, he walks around complaining and he just really bugged me.

2 and 3. Jace and Clary – The Mortal Instruments
Yeah, Jace is a show-off, and he is arrogant and he is way too cocky and reckless. Clary is whiny, she’s got the delightful idea in her head that she needs to save everyone, her mom tells her not to go home and she goes home. I think I dislike them a bit because I didn’t much like the books. I’m still going to see the movie, because consistency is stupid, also I love watching crappy earnest movies. I just, the concept is actually pretty good, and I feel like Clary and Jace, and for that matter Simon and Alec and Isabelle, are the most annoying characters in the world. I kind of like Hodge and I like the concept of Valentine, cause even though he seems like a prick he seems interesting.

4. Pudge – Looking for Alaska
Don’t get me wrong, I like the book. I like the character, so I’m frustrated in a good way. He just, it bugs me that he sort of thinks he deserves someone’s love. It bugs me that he thinks Alaska should love him even though she has a boyfriend. I like how Pudge grows and he becomes better, in the beginning though, annoyed.

5. Jon Snow (early) – Song of ice and fire
Again, I like the books, and I like Jon Snow. I find him frustrating because he is a whiny little shit in the beginning. He is a bastard, and yes his stepmother isn’t particularly nice to him, and Jon tries to be a good brother and he doesn’t go out for his brother’s seat. But whenever he is called a bastard he flies into a rage, he sulks and pouts and he knows how skilled he is and he thinks he deserves things that he hasn’t worked for. Jon grows a lot, in the beginning being a bastard is the only way he defines himself and he thinks that what people think about bastards is the right way, and meeting Ygritte and the other wildlings is a big boost for how he views bastards. Because they aren’t different, it’s just how society sees them. And I love Jon, but in the beginning, good lord.

6 and 7. Romeo and Juliet – Romeo and Juliet
So, I’m too cynical to read this book. I realize it’s the biggest love-story ever or whatever, but both the main characters are the most aggravating people I’ve ever read. Good God. Everything is a tragedy, and I just sat there thinking: ‘Would you calm the fuck down and think for a second? It’s going to be fine if we just think a little and take some time.’ They complain and whine and roll around on the floor pounding their fists on the floor because they don’t get their way. Oh my God I was annoyed. And the play is well written and it’s beautiful, I just think I’m too cynical. I like the movie adaptation with DiCaprio and Danes, I think it’s beautiful and it feels natural and the tragedy seems sort of plausible there. Reading it though.

8. Jacob Black – Twilight series
Jacob starts off as a very likable guy in the first Twilight book. He’s sweet, he obviously has a crush on Bella and he seems like a healthier person to be around than Edward. When he figures out what Edward is and he goes all werewolf though, he turns into this possessive douchebag. He seems to think he deserves Bella’s affection even though she makes it clear they’re just friends and she loves Edward. He forces himself on her and he tries protecting her from things she doesn’t need or want protection from. I think that if Jake had been a slightly more decent guy and Bella had chosen him it would have been a healthier relationship, but the way he’s written, meh. He has such potential to be a nice guy.

9. Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter series
I love the Harry Potter books, a lot. I’ve read them fourteen thousand times. I love them. Draco doesn’t even frustrate me because he is the bad guy. It annoys me that he continues to make bad choices. He is a brat, a lot of it isn’t really his fault, it’s the way he was raised, but whenever Harry, or someone else, reaches out to him he is willing to take their help and then just spins around and goes back to his shitty ways. He is a coward, and he hides behind his big, bulky friends. Harry saves his life again and again and Draco just keeps doing his Draco-thing. Whenever we get to hear/see/read his feelings we find out that he is scared and angry and he doesn’t necessarily want to do what he is made to do. Oh My God. I just want him to make a good choice once. Just show some compassion, try to be your own man, don’t do everything your dad wants you asshat.

10. Bella Swan – Twilight series
Good God Bella will you for once in your goddamn life make good life choices? Will you stop being with people who hurt you and do lame sad pretty boy things? And also, you’re friends with seven vampires, when one vampire calls you and tells you he has your mom you tell the other vampires. There are SEVEN of them, they can outsmart one jackass. It’s like the people in TV-shows or movies who don’t call the cops because the bad-guy told them not to. They’re professionals, they will outsmart the badguy, oh lord! Rant over.