February rewind

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
I really liked it. I think I had slightly wrong expectations, but when I altered my perception slightly and read it like the funny paranormal romance it was I had a lot of fun. It’s basically about two girls named Scarlett and Rosie who lose their grandmother when they’re young. She’s ripped apart by a werewolf, or Fenris, and Scarlett saves her little sister even though she’s just a child. When they grow up they dedicate this life to fighting and killing these Fenris, together with their friend Silas. Scarlett also loses an eye and is scarred and badass. She tries protecting her sister, to Rosie’s annoyance. I liked it. It was a lot of fun. Scarlett is badass and tough as nails. Rosie is very sweet and it’s interesting to see Scarlett’s opposite in many ways, as Rosie wants more than just hunting. The writing is good and the concept of the wolves is interesting. It works pretty well as a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, the concept of innocence and loss of innocence is covered well. I like the characters and the setting. Thumbs up.

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter
So, kind of disappointed. I hoped it would be so much better. The story is fun, kid loses parents and sister, kid starts killing the zombies that killed her family. Now, the problem is the writing. It pissed me off so much. She asks a lot of questions to the reader, usually phrased: “You know what?” And then answering. Don’t do that! Yeah. There was also a weird sexual morality that annoyed me, and all the god-stuff. I don’t mind people liking God, if God exists she sounds like a decent lady, it just seeped into the story in a really annoying way and it bugged me. The writing bugged me, I liked Kat, and I liked some of the other side characters. Alice sometimes did the classic horror movie girl thing, and that irritated me. Didn’t really like. I might read the other one cause I want to find out how it ends.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood
So, yes, dystopia, the grown-up kind, I made that vaguely dirty, or maybe just in my head. I’m a weirdo. Yes, either way. I liked the concept of this dystopia. I found it kinda eerily likely. It was creepy to think about all my civil liberties being taken away and me being turned into a baby machine. Cause I quite like being able to vote and own land, I don’t really have any wish to own land, but it is nice to have the ability. Anyways, it’s creepy and weird and I quite liked it. The book was sort of also about story telling and sometimes I got a bit confused about the perspectives and the timing. I quite liked it though. It’s always good to read about something that might happen and especially when it’s that creepy. Thumbs up.

Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
So, I have no self-control. I had read Sisters Red, and I had Sweetly, book number two, lying around, taunting and tempting me, it was basically shouting my name. So I had to read it. It’s a retelling of Hansel and Gretel, sort of. Ansel and Gretchen, they’re 19 and 18 and are thrown out by their stepmom. When Ansel and Gretchen were kids they went into the woods looking for a witch, with Gretchen’s twin sister. Only Ansel and Gretchen came out. Now their mom and dad are also dead and Ansel and Gretchen go south away from the witch.
They arrive in this little town in South Carolina where they live with a chocolate maker called Sophia, in the woods. There is a dark secret in the town though, teenage girls are disappearing and some of the townsfolk blame Sophia. Gretchen also meets this young guy named Samuel Reynolds who kills witches, or Fenris. I liked it. I like Gretchen’s story and how she grows throughout the story. I liked that the Fenris turned up again, I like that Samuel was Silas’ brother. I liked Sophia’s story. I liked that it tied the stories together, and it makes me curious about how she’s continuing it through the rest of the books. Will there be a meet up? I feel like Gretchen and Samuel’s love story was a little forced. They were quite good as friends, and it came a bit out of the blue. I think that Pearce could have given them more time. I liked it though. I like Pearce’s writing and the characters.