January Rewind

A Dance withDragons by George R. R. Martin
So, this took a while. It’s freaking huge, and long, and full of stuff. I liked that Dany and Tyrion were back. I missed Sansa. I like her, I don’t care what people think. I like Quentyn Martell. It’s the latest book in the Song of Ice and Fire series and it’s a frakking long time until the next book comes out. I was a bit annoyed about this book, I sort of lost interest and felt overwhelmed, but then I watched both seasons of Game of Thrones, in something like a week, and I got really excited. So yeah. I like it. It happens at the same time (sort of) as A Feast of Crows, so it doesn’t really move much forward, but we get to know what the other characters have been up to. And as I said I really like the characters in this book, so that excited me. All the thumbs up.

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
So, I said I’d read this one if I had time, but instead I just read it anyways, before everything else. Because I’m inconsistent. I liked it, it’s okay. It’s a dystopian novel about the world in 2044. Pretty much everyone lives online and shun their offline lives. A man named James Halliday made a cyber-utopia named OASIS, where you can go to school, play, shop, work and pretty much do anything else you want. Right before he dies Halliday tells the world he’s hidden an Easter Egg in the game, and whomever finds it will win his massive billion dollar fortune and his company. And it takes 5 years for anyone to find anything. The book is full of 80s nostalgia and references to other nerdy stuff. I got a bit excited every time I recognized one of the references, because I’m a weirdo. It took some time to get into it, because there was so much information in the beginning. And I got a bit depressed with the fact that the offline world deteriorated and that they hated it so much. Also the protagonist, Wade, reacted a bit bizarrely to the death of his family, which is a bit odd. They all seemed so jaded and like they didn’t really feel stuff. It bugged me. Their world is falling apart. There was some good social commentary, a big evil corporation wanting to privatize the OASIS, thereby taking away the ability of everyone in the world to access it. As long as they have Wi-Fi and gear they can all access it. So, thumbs up, but tilted a bit to the side, cause it annoyed me every now and again.

A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson
I kind of forgot that this book was coming out. I knew it would be published in January, but it disappeared into the back of my mind and I didn’t put it into my January TBR. I have waited for this book for years, I’ve read the Wheel of Time since I was 16, so, yes. Um. It’s the last installation in the Wheel of Time series and it’s 909 pages long. One of the chapters is 190 pages long, that shouldn’t be allowed. So, yeah, this book is obviously about the last battle. Obviously, cause everyone knows that. Everyone is there. I think it was a good ending. Previously Jordan hasn’t really killed off anyone, at least nobody important, unless it had a function and he had every intention of bringing them back, he seems to be making up for it here. The only thing that bugged me a bit was how he ended Rand’s story. Slightly spoiler-y, but I feel like he made a loophole, and that’s annoying. It was a good ending though, characters stayed true to themselves, and exceeded expectations in some cases, I really liked Galad for instance, he rose beautifully to the occasion. I also liked Perrin’s end, even though it was a bit sentimental. There was all kinds of crying, and laughing. Well done boys. I give it all my thumbs up.

The Hero’s Guideto Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy
This is a middle grade book, and it was hilarious. It’s about the Princes Charming, the princes from Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. They have real names and lives and they’re really annoyed that the girls tend to steal the glory. The stories are named after them, not after the princes. And then Cinderella (Ella) runs away from Prince Fredric, and he realizes he’s in love with her and wants her back. Now Prince Fredric has never been outside the castle so this obviously leads to all kind of awesome fun stuff. They all meet up, and even though they’re sort of hapless and weird they manage to be sort of awesome. It was hilarious. I laughed and I loved it. I loved the spunky princesses, they’re amazing. I think this book is something I would have loved to read when I was a kid. It was amazing. Thumbs up, so many of them. Well two, it’s all I have.

Jonas by Jens Bjørneboe
This is a Norwegian classic. I’m always hesitant about reading classics, cause I’ve been disappointed. This book did not disappoint. It’s so beautiful. I also worried about reading Bjørneboe, he was a very angry, serious man, and that can feel heavy-handed. It didn’t. The book is set in Oslo the 60s and it is about a boy named Jonas, he’s 8 years old and dyslexic. He is really cruelly treated by the school system and he is made to go to a special school for kids who struggle in school. So he runs away. The book is an attack on the Norwegian school system in the 60s, but it is still extremely relevant. It tells the story of Jonas, but also about his principal, and the principal’s friend, and about the war, and about victims of the war. It was so amazing. Thumbs up.