Top ten bookish habits

Top ten bookish habits. So it's Tuesday again, and time for another list of ten random things about me. Or, in my case 8, cause I couldn't come up with more. This week we could pick an old topic so I picked bookish habits. I seem to be pedantic and annoying. As always this meme is hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Let's go.

1. I don’t read library books.
I really like libraries, and the concept of libraries, I’m becoming a librarian. I just really hate having to read something in a certain time. It turns me into a child and I just hand them back unread. I used libraries a lot when I was a kid though. I mainly use libraries for schoolbooks now. For which they are brilliant. Schoolbooks are expensive and libraries are cool.

2. I don’t treat my books very well.
I’m a horrible person. I bend the spines and make dogears. I should point out that I only do this to my own books, I don’t do this to books I borrow. So if I were to borrow your book I would treat it very well. I like that books look read. It makes them look more owned and loved I guess. I love my books, a lot, and they look used.

3. I can’t throw away books
I struggle with giving away or throwing away books. This obviously means that I have A LOT of books. If people suggest I throw them out I get a minor panic attack. I can’t throw them away.

4. I need a perfect system
I live in a student flat now. I’m dreaming about the day, seriously dreaming, when I live somewhere more permanently where I can put up shelves and make the ultimate system for my books. I’m weird.

5. I hate dust jackets
They annoy me more than anything. They fall off, get in the way, oh my GOD.

6. I read in stupid places
I tend to read in very weird places, or at weird times. I always have a book with me. If there isn’t much left of a book I will bring two, because I’m a weirdo. I read on public transport, which isn’t weird. But not only when I have somewhere to sit, also when I’m standing, leaning to a wall. I read while cooking, which leads to me banging into stuff, and smash my fingers in cupboards. Which is really a sign you should stop, but you know.

7. I have to read the back cover, or wherever there is a little summary.
I can’t go in blind, it gives me a little anxiety. I need to know a little bit about what the book is about, if it’s dark or if it’s about something really harsh. I need to know what I’m going to, because there’s less chance of me not finishing.

8. I feel very bad if I don’t finish books.
I sort of feel like I’ve failed at something. It’s my good-girl-disorder. I get anxieties when I don’t finish books. And instead of admitting defeat I tend to say I’ll finish it at some point.