Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character

Another Tuesday, another list of ten random things that have one thing in common. So yeah. Top ten Tuesday is hosted by the Broke and theBookish. This week’s list is Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character. So a list of characters I like and crush on. It goes a bit creepy at the end. I worry about myself.

Mat Cauthon from the Wheel of Time

Mat seems like a sort of an asshole, but like a good kind of asshole, I don’t know if that’s a thing, I doubt it. He’s also honourable and brave and he seems like a lot of fun. It seems like hanging out with him would be fun. He’s sort of weirdly handsome I think. I just think I would crush hard on him. I could be a badass hunter of the horn and we could go on adventures together.

Cas from Anna dressed in blood

This might have to do with the fact that the book is a bit like Supernatural, and I like the boys there. It also has to do with Cas being cool, funny and capable. He is a good character, and he seems like a cool dude. Also he can kick any ghost’s ass.

Reyn from Immortal Beloved

Who wouldn’t love a huge Viking with a constant scowl on his face? He seems awesome. I like taciturn fellows in books. Reyn seems awesome. Yes. Might just be my Norwegian genes going back to my Viking-ness. That is definitely not a thing. I just sort of imagine he looks like Chris Hemsworth. YUM!

Jon Snow from A Song of Ice and Fire

As soon as Jon stops wining about being a bastard and how sad and hard his life is he turns into a pretty awesome dude. He works hard to be a good commander of the Night’s Watch (Spoiler, sorry), and he works hard to help people. I think he’s clever. I need to visualize him as Kit Harington from Game of Thrones though. If I think of him as Jon Snow in the books it suddenly feels a bit pervy (I think he’s about 14 in the first book).

Sherlock Holmes
I’ll admit that this has A LOT to do with Benedict Cumberbatch’s face and cheekbones. Seriously, he is gorgeous. It also has a lot to do with the fact that Sherlock Holmes novels, and short stories, are awesome. He seems like a wanker, but he is clever, and funny and he is a hard worker, and he gets unreasonably sulky when he fails at something. I’m crushing hard on him. There might be something very wrong with me.

Gale Hawthorne from the Hunger games

So I love Gale. I have put way too much thought into Katniss’ relationship to Peeta and Gale. I think it makes sense for Katniss to end up with Peeta, because I think she needs him. I still crush a little on Gale though. He’s tough and strong and he is willing to fight for what is right. He is willing to do anything for his family and he is friends with Katniss no matter what, I like him. And he’s tall and handsome and all that.

George Weasley from Harry Potter

Why George you ask? Why have I chosen him over Fred? Or why did I pick just one of them? I don’t know. It’s just that every time I think about them I think George would be nice. He seems a bit kinder than his twin brother. He is also fun, and sweet, and yes. Who wouldn’t love George Weasley? Also, I’ve written several fanfictions about George, because I am a very sad nerdy girl.

Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Yes, I have realized as I’ve written this list there might be something sort of severely wrong with me. Never more than when I wrote Sirius Black’s name. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the whole criminal thing, or the fact that he is supposed to be extremely attractive, or that he seems to fiercely love Harry and James. It’s just a very attractive quality, also he seems a bit insane.

Phedre no Dulaney from Kushiel’s legacy

She seems so put-together and amazing and wow. She’s so beautiful and she is very strong and tough and she saves her country, so that’s cool. When I read the books I sort of crushed slightly on her. She just seems kind of awesome.

Zaphod Beeblebrox from the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

Nothing is more attractive than an insane man who became president of the universe because he thought it would be a laugh. He is completely bonkers. He just became president because he wanted a fancy spaceship. He has two heads. He is friends with Ford. He got Trillian to come with him from earth. It’s like he’s a slightly more grown-up, darker Doctor, and I have a massive crush on the Doctor.