Top ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me Pick Up or Buy A Book!

It is Tuesday again, and I have a list of topics or words that will make me pick up a book, or just buy it. Top ten Tuesday is a meme created by the Broke and the Bookish. This is a list of things that make me want to read a book and sometimes the topic is enough to make me buy it without really knowing anything else. 

1. Circus – I have never actually been to a circus. Not entirely true, I’ve seen Cirque de Soleil, I’ve already lied so this is starting well. I haven’t been to a regular circus because I don’t like clowns. Clowns freak me out. When I see clowns on TV I freak out. So I haven’t been to a circus. This is a long-winded explanation. I like reading about circuses. I like the other aspects. I like the running-away-with-the-circus-thing. I like how close-knit they become. I also loved the Night Circus. I don’t like the whole animals in circus things, which is why I like Cirque de Soleil.

2. Time travel or time disruption – Big Doctor Who fan. When I grew up my mom and dad showed me Back to the Future and I got extremely fascinated. I liked how Marty changed his future, or his life. I like the theory of time being wibbly-wobbly. I also quite like watching Back to the Future again and being annoyed by the discrepancies. Especially Back to the Future 2. Just because I would quite like to rant: Old man Biff Tannen goes back to the past and gives himself the sports almanac, I would say spoiler alert, but the movie came out in 1989. He then changes the future, but he is allowed to go back to the future he left. When Marty and the professor go home to 1985 that’s changed, and Marty suggest they go to 2015 to change what happened and the professor says they can’t because that future doesn’t exist anymore. It’s never explained and it drives me up the wall. DUDE! Let it go.

3. Anything else supernatural, preferably something I haven’t read a lot about before, like succubi or something.

4. Fairytales – I loved fairytales growing up. And I like them now, particularly when people remake them in clever ways and pull it off.

5. Magic – Harry Potter anyone? I grew up with Harry Potter so magic is always going to be a big selling point for me.

6. The 1930s – Because nothing is more fun than economic depression. I don't know what it is. I just find the 30s fascinating.

7. Mythology – American Gods was awesome, I love mythology. In Norway we have to take religious studies in school, because, I don’t know, it might have changed, but I had to. My favorite part was always Greek mythology, Roman mythology, and Norse mythology. It’s friggin’ awesome. I read Deathless recently, Russian mythology, FUN!

8. Antiheroes – Especially if they’re sort of forced into their role and they take up the mantle and they are sort of grumpily doing what they have to do. I can’t think of an example. Oh, Immortal Beloved. Nastasya.

9. Books that don’t really have a love story – I am a black souled, cynical person. I like friendships. I don’t mind love stories if they take time to develop, and they’re well written and believable, but I really like how friendships develop. I love it. Like for instance, I love reading about Harry and Hermione. One of the reasons I like Firefly is the relationship between Simon and River. They love each other so much and I really like what he is willing to do for her.

10. Badass ladies – I saw Brave last year and I fell deeply in ladylove with Merida. She is awesome. One of my favorite Disney movies is Mulan. She is so badass, also I like China. I like Kushiel’s Legacy mainly because of Phedre and Melisandre. I love Arya, I love Sansa (she is a kick-ass lady, shut up) and the Dornish women, who are all amazeballs. Hermione Granger was my hero growing up, she still is, as are Luna and Ginny. When I was a very small child my hero was Pippi Longstocking, although I can’t read those books anymore, because I’m a grown-up and I see how sad Pippi is. So I have to leave Pippi in the past.