Books in May

Shatter Me by Veronica Rossi
This is a book about a girl who can’t touch people without killing them. The government threw in a cell for murder. No one knows why Juliette can kill people by touching them. And the world is crumbling to pieces anyway so no one has time for her. Then the government finds out that it might be a good idea to use Juliette and she has to choose. It doesn’t have the best reviews on Goodreads, and looking back I’m not sure why I bought it, I think it was like 2 dollars or something on Amazon, and it sounded vaguely interesting. I’m looking forward to it. It sounds cool.

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
This has been on my TBR for so long. It sounds amazing, I just never got into it. As far as I understand it the book is made up of a bunch of different stories that sort of interlock and they are sort of related to each other through time. It sounds cool. So maybe now after I think a year almost on my iPad I’ll actually read it. 

The Horologicon by Mark Forsyth
I like words. I really really like words. I find words fascinating, I like certain words. I like serendipity and decapitation, because I’m odd. The Horologicon is a book about the most extraordinary books in the English language. It’s full of weird words for completely normal situations, like fudgelling (pretending to work). I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be fun.

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien                                                                        
Not surprisingly I didn’t finish the Lord of the Rings, because it’s enormous. I’ve started though. The language is really freaking awesome and the story is cool. I had forgotten how much actually happens before they get to Rivendell. So much is cut out from the movie, which obviously makes sense. I don’t think hours of Frodo becoming older and deliberating, and moving would give much to the movie, but it is interesting to read about. They just met Aragorn, so that’s cool.