Game of Thrones

Why am I related to the Lannisters? They are all assholes. Man, I'm hot with this wicked scar and brooding look.

It's exam week so I'm sort of overly productive (read: procrastinating) and also I feel like I need to just write this down, just to get it out of my system. OH MY GOD! AWESOME and also ANTI-CLIMAX. I recently watched the last Game of Thrones episode, because that is what I do. I love Game of Thrones, possibly more than I should. I went to the Game of Thrones expo in Amsterdam, it was awesome, I sat on an Iron Throne, I’m the queen of Westeros. I discovered that most of the actors are a lot shorter than I thought they were, which is fun. Like seriously. Tyrion’s costume didn’t look so short next to Cercei and Jamie’s costume, what? I have thought for a long time about which is my favourite character. A LONG time. I have made lists, I have debated, with myself mainly. I have read the books, the first one twice, because the first season was coming out and I wanted to reread it. I am seriously worried what will happen if George R.R. Martin dies. I’m a Wheel of Time fan and I’m worried I can’t deal with that again (Robert Jordan died before finishing, and another author finished the series). These are the things I think about. I had a dream about meeting Peter Dinklage where I told him he was a fantastic Tyrion. So at least if I for some reason meet him, I’ll know what to say.

And the rambling is over, maybe. Maybe I’ll try to write a constructive and sensible post. I just finished watching the third season of Game of Thrones, and I won’t reveal much, I just feel like there should be more action. I think there was plenty of action, Arya got to be all creepy, Yara (never realized that name was an anagram of Arya until now, I’m an idiot) showed me how awesome she is, and why I like her. She is her own woman, she’s badass and she goes off to save her little brother, pissing off her dad. 

 That's not creepy at all

The scenes between Theon and Ramsay are amazing, I think Iwan Rheon was a very good choice. Alfie Allen is doing a really good job, I think. I really like him as Theon and I think he’s playing Theon’s suffering very well. I’m excited to see how he plays Theon as Reek.

In King’s Landing Tyrion and Sansa have a seriously sweet and wonderful moment.

Very sweet moment between Sansa and Tyrion

I think that they could be a good couple if it hadn’t been for his family pretty much eradicating her family. I had kind of hoped that they would end the season on Joffrey’s wedding, but they need to work up to it more I think, since there are things that need to happen to make the story hang together. That’s a good sentence, trying not to spoil stuff. There is a fantastic Joffrey-Tywin moment, I fucking love Charles Dance. He’s a genius.
Oh yeah, I'm the man. I am the real king, all y'all can fuck off.

I really liked Jon and Ygritte’ part. Also the whole Meera-Jojen-Bran-stuff is awesome. I love Meera and Jojen. Bran kind of freaks me out, not only on TV, Bran in the books is also kind of scary.

I really quite like that they use Gendry instead of Edric Storm as the sacrifice in Stannis’ storyline. I think the reason is that it’s probably easier for the audience to relate to someone they know rather than just popping someone new in and telling people why they should care about him, a lot like when they changed Robb’s wife from the book. I also quite like Gendry, and I like seeing more of him, so I kind of hope we get to see more of him, even if it isn’t necessarily canon.

Who can't love this guy? He's so cute and naive.

Something else I’ve been thinking about is Daario Naharis. I don’t know why, but I imagined he was black, I have no idea why. I don’t think he’s described as black. But I was also expecting him to be flamboyant and exciting, blue hair and golden mustachios. He doesn't look that flamboyant, does he? I was sort of expecting a peacock when I read the book. Close enough.

Fuck you guys, I'm awesome, might not look like Daario Naharis, still awesome.

And also, isn’t Dany supposed to know about Jorah Mormont by now? Or am I wrong? I feel like she should know by now. I might be completely wrong. They've switched the storyline too much, I'm confused.

Some lists
Favourite characters from books/TV show (in no particular order)

Awesome things about the TV show:

People I sort of don’t like:
Catelyn, she annoys me
Jon, some of the time, some of the time I love him
Bran, because he’s scary

Things from the books I’m looking forward to seeing:

Not a regular blogpost, but I just really wanted to write about Game of Thrones.
I love her so much, she's awesome guys.