Book chat: thankfulness

This is a book chat that Misty from the BookRat did in honor of Thanksgiving. It’s November, which means thanksgiving in the US. And she decided to talk about bookish things she’s thankful for. And I really liked that idea. So I’m going to write about that. It can be books, authors, people, things.

First of all: my mother is someone bookish I am very thankful for. She is a librarian, and she loves reading. She is always reading. She would always bring books home for my sister and me. She read the Hobbit to us when we were quite young. She would always bring me new books, suggest I go to the library, she signed me up for a book club so I got books once a month. In a similar vein I am very grateful for my dad, who also reads quite a lot, and who got me my first library card, I lose things, I have another one now. But I think I was seven, or eight, and he took me to the library and got me a library card. I’m thankful for my grandmother, who would always read to my sister and me.

I’m thankful for my sister who reads a lot of the same books, and kinds of books as me, and we can talk about the books, and give each other books. I don’t know if she’s as insane about books as me, but I know she will always be ready for in-depth, intense, bizarre discussions about certain Wheel of Time characters, or aspects of Harry Potter.

I am insanely thankful for my best friend, who I can sit with and talk about books, who puts up with me shoving books at her and then reads them and she randomly texts me something she loves about that book and we talk about it and it’s weird and wonderful and she is just lovely.

Books I am thankful for would for instance be Harry Potter and the Pippi Longstocking books, which were the staples of my childhood. I am also thankful for a Norwegian author named Anne-Cath. Vestly, who wrote children’s books. I think I read pretty much all of them, and it’s the first books I can remember reading by myself. I’m thankful for Neil Gaiman for expanding my horizons and being awesome.

And lastly I’m thankful for the booktube community, which has given me so many recommendations and shown me different books to read and generally being awesome. The amount of books I’ve read because of booktubers, is ridiculous.

Yeah, so these are bookish things I'm thankful for. And it's nice. Whoop whoop. Thankfulness.