Top Ten things on my reading wish list

This is a bit late on the Tuesday, but it’s still Tuesday so we’ll go for it. This is the weekly meme Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by the lovely Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is Top Ten things on my reading wish list. What I want authors to write about. I realize after reading the list that if I just looked a bit harder I might find books matching these criteria, but let’s go for it anyway.

That Erin Morgenstern release a new book
As far as I know she has only released one book, the Night Circus, and I loved it. I think it was amazing. I want more Erin. Come on now, get it together. Because I love you, and I feel like the withdrawal is coming along nicely. 

More creepy vampire books
I like creepy vampires. I prefer them to sparkly vampires. I loved Drink, Slay, Love. Pearl’s family is crazy, creepy and horrible. I read Dracula not long ago and it was awesome. I want to read more about dangerous and awful vamps.

Circus books
I don’t like circuses, for a couple of reasons, but the main reason being that clowns seriously freak me out. I love reading about circuses, and I don’t know why, I just really like them. So I want more, there probably are a lot, I should just search more for them.

1930s books
I really like the 1930s, and I don’t know why. I have no idea why actually, but I really like the 30s, so books on the 30s would be good. It’s a weird time to like isn’t it? No one had money, awesome. I

Books set in New Orleans
I find New Orleans fascinating. The music and the culture and basically the diaspora after Katrina is extremely interesting.

Books about the delta blues (fiction)
I really like blues, and I find the history of the delta blues really interesting.

Book with a badass librarian main character
I just really want a bookish main character, a bookish character who could be a librarian, and who is definitely a badassador. That’s what you need.

Norse mythology books
When I was little you had to take religion in school, because who knows why. I never really liked it unless I could read about mythology, Greek, Roman, Egyptian, anything, and especially if it was Norse mythology. I always liked it. I always thought it was a lot of fun, and interesting, and there’s a lot to take from.

Pirate books
I love pirates, I grew up loving pirates, and then I got older and instead of growing up I continued loving pirates, maybe even more. And I think they’re interesting. Obviously I love the romanticized pirates, I’m less keen on murder-y rape-y pirates. They don’t seem so great.

Books without a love story
In an attempt to sound less bitter and grumpy: I think there are other relationships that could be equally interesting to read about. Like best friends, who are just best friends, or brother and sister, or just siblings in general. And I think that would be really cool.