#WednesdayYA Unspoken: a Review

Misty, from the Bookrat and Liz at Consumed by Books are doing a bookclub on their blogs and on twitter and that. This month the book is Unspoken, and I thought it'd be fun, so I read it. And here follows a review, and that's nice. So off we go. 

Title: Unspoken

Author: Sarah Rees Brennan
Series: The Lynburn Legacy #1
Language: English
Pages: 375
Format: Kindle

The Story
This is the story of Kami Glass who lives in Sorry-in-the-Vale, a little English town. She is sort of a weird kid because she never really grew out of having imaginary friends. In fact she can still talk to her imaginary friend, Jared, and he talks back. She has a reputation for just staring into nothing while she talks to him. Kami is used to be weird and different, and then the creepy Lynburn family returns to Sorry-in-the-Vale. The family used to pretty much run the town, and everyone in Sorry-in-the-Vale is either scared of them, or severely dislikes them. One of them though, seems very familiar with Kami. Except Jared wasn’t supposed to be real, but he is. Her imaginary friend isn’t so imaginary after all.

Kami – protagonist. She runs the school newspaper and has aspirations of becoming an investigative journalist. She pressgangs her friends to join her and research the city and their neighbors. She has a mental link with Jared, who she thought was imaginary until they meet suddenly. She’s driven, tough and strong. She’s also a bit overambitious and foolhardy, but she does love her friends and tries to help them as much as she can.

Jared – is Kami’s not-so-imaginary imaginary friend and a part of the Lynburn family. He is the son of Rosalind Lynburn, nephew of Lillian and Rob Lynburn and cousin of Ash Lynburn. He is sullen and grumpy, and has always been seen as slightly odd as he keeps talking to himself or staring off to the distance quietly, a.k.a. talking to Kami. He has been mistreated his whole life, by his mother and father and he is a sort of classic badboy, leather jacket, motorcycle, all those awesome things. He cares deeply about Kami and always comes to her rescue, even though he’s not sure how to deal with her. I like him, sometimes.

Angela – is Kami’s best friend. She moved to Sorry-in-the-Vale when she was about 12 and Kami was alone, because no one wanted to hang with the weird kid. Angela didn’t really care about that so they became best friends because they were both outsiders. Angela’s favorite thing to do is napping and only joins the newspaper Kami sets up because the office has a sofa she can sleep on. She’s protective and tough, but she’s such a caricature that it’s hard to take her seriously.

What I thought
The concept is really interesting, two people have been able to communicate telepathically since they were born, creepy aristocrat family comes back to terrorize the valley, all fun. It wasn’t spectacular though.

Things I liked:

Things I didn’t like

Final thoughts
It’s funny, and it’s quirky and sometimes the dialogue just shines. The conversations where Kami and Jared are joking around are amazing. I just got annoyed with being confused by the timing and weirdness. I tried liking it, it just bugged me.