March Rewind

This is a look back on the books I read in March. It's a bit of everything, different stuff, it was fun. 

Darlah - 172 timer på månen (Darlah - 172 hours on the moon) by Johan Harstad
It was creepy. That is what I’m left with. This book is about three kids, Midori, Mia and Antoine from Japan, Norway and France, all win a lottery to go to the moon. It’s been 40-odd, almost 50 years since Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and NASA wants to send people up again. Mainly for publicity, so they can have money for research. There are people who don’t think anyone should be going to the moon, because of something creepy. They still decide to send three teenagers up there with real astronauts. They send the kids up to stay at the moon base DARLAH 2. Before the kids go up there they all see some weird things, and when they go up to the base weird stuff starts happening. The power cuts out and they can’t get it back on. Instead they lose two astronauts. Stuff gets creepier and creepier and I friggin’ loved it. It was just really gross and creepy and I’ll look for people’s shadows for a while.

Rydde ut (Clearing out) by Helene Uri
I liked this book more than I thought I would because it isn’t the kind of book I’d normally read. I went to a book signing/reading and the author read some of the stuff from her book, and it made me excited so I bought it. It’s about a linguist and researcher who moves to the north of Norway to research the death of language. While Uri wrote the book her mother passed away and she turns the book into a sort of autobiography/fictional story. It’s really interesting. I like language and writing and that fascinates me, so that part of the book appealed to me. I also liked the autobiographical aspect, it’s interesting and it’s very emotional and raw, I liked that. She writes with so much honesty, it’s refreshing. So yeah, I liked.

Dust of 100 dogs by A.S. King
I really loved this book. I wrote a review, a slightly gushing review possibly. It’s about a young Irish woman named Emer, who’s slightly psychopathic. After being a prolific pirate in the 17th century she’s killed and cursed with the Dust of 100 dogs. It means she has to live 100 lives as a dog until she’s allowed to be a human again. When she becomes a human again she’s Saffron Adams, but she remembers being Emer. She remembers where she buried her biggest loot and all she needs is a ride to Jamaica, and a shovel. It’s really good. It’s good. It’s funny, Emer’s thoughts are dark, and creepy and slightly disturbing because she’s a blood thirsty pirate who likes gouging people’s eyes out. It’s clever, it’s funny, and I loved it.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black
Awesome vampires. I love vampires. I try not to because of the craptasticness of Twilight, but I love vampires. This is a good vampire book in my estimation. I really liked it. I thought it was really good. It’s about our world, except vampires are a big part of it. They live in Coldtowns, vampire villages where vampires and Cold people (people who have been infected, but not turned), frolic with vampire groupies. Tana has to go when her ex-boyfriend is infected, and she might be bitten. She brings along a vampire she finds tied up in the room with her ex, and they go on a roadtrip. It’s amazing. I really loved Tana, I think she’s cool, I think she’s a great MC, and I think Gavriel is just crazy and broody and heart-throbby enough. He’s awesome. I love this book.

Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
This is the last book in the Chaos Walking trilogy and oh my GOD. I loved it so much, as is evident by my somewhat gushing review. It’s an action packed conclusion. Todd and Viola develop so much as characters. All the FEELS. All the emotions, oh my God. I just really want to experience it for the first time again. The war between the Ask and the Answer and the Spackle begins and destruction reigns. The Mayor is really friggin’ creepy and psychopath-like. The people like Wilf and Bradley who try so hard to be moral and kind and good are so beautiful and heart-breaking in their kindness and wonder. I sound like a pretentious ass. I loved it.

Emma by Jane Austen
I didn’t finish Emma, because I watched like four hundred episodes of Criminal Minds, because Matthew Grey Gubler is awesome. And classics take a bit longer for me to read, also I’m watching Emma Approved at the same time, which I don’t know whether or not is a good idea, but it’s funny and adorable and the last episode made me shout Oh My God out loud, so you know. It’s really funny though, Emma is so sweet, and adorable and silly. Jane Austen is snarky and hilarious, and Austen referred to her as “a heroine whom no one but myself will much like.” I don’t know if that is true, because I really like her, in that weird way of her being sort of insufferable, but you really like her anyway. I’ll finish it though, cause it’s friggin’ awesome and I love it.

My resolutions
I have read 16 books, so I think I'm a bit behind on the 70 books in a year thing. I've read 10 books for the Mount TBR challenge, so there I am doing pretty well. I read two Norwegian books, so go me. I'm getting there too. I haven't quite finished my classic, but it'll be fine. I'm not worried, shut up inner voice.