RE: Rereading books (The Readables)

Pricilla from the Readables of the YouTubes made a video about rereading books, and I liked it. I thought I’d write about it. Pricilla said she hasn’t reread that many of her books, and was asking what kinds of books you’d reread, and which you would give a new chance, and which you wouldn’t give a new chance.

My habits
I reread books quite a lot. I reread books all the time. I mainly do it because I loved the books and I want to experience it again. I want to live in that world again. I can’t remember all the books I’ve reread because I’m not good at keeping track, and I haven’t figured out how to use the feature on Goodreads where you can put in how you’ve read a book more than once. There’s a sentence.

Books I know I have read more than once
The Harry Potter series
I used to do this thing where I would reread the preceding books when a new book came out in the series, because logic. I don’t know why I did it, but I did that. I have also reread the whole series again after all the books came out. And then one more time, because I can’t get enough.

The Wheel of Time Series
This is also a series where I’ve read most of the books more than once, but I can’t remember how many times. I haven’t reread the last three, because I don’t know. But I have reread the first eleven, seriously. All eleven of them, and the prequel I have read more than once.

The Hobbit
I didn’t read it the first time, my mother read it to my sister and me. Then when I got old enough, and learned to read I read it on my own. Then I read it a couple of times, and then I got it into my head that I should reread it before the movies came out, so I’ve sort of read it once a year the last two years.

The Ring of the Slave Prince
I had a habit of reading this once a year, in the summer specifically, because it’s a fantastic story. It’s adventure and excitement and fun, and Tom Collins is a spectacular main character, and yes, he is named after a drink. I haven’t read it in a while, I probably should.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series
This is a series I reread purely because I thought it was fun, and it was equally fun the second time.

I really love rereading books, especially the Harry Potter books, because I’ve seen things that I didn’t notice the first time, like how the continuity is so saturated through the books. In the Goblet of Fire the first chapter, I think, you hear the story of Frank, who lived on the grounds of the Riddle house and he mentions to the police that he saw a young man walking around the grounds the night the Riddles died. And I didn’t realize it the first time, and then in the Half-blood Prince we’re told that Voldemort killed his family, and then when I reread the fourth book I was like: OH! That was fucking coherent as shit. They also mention in the Goblet of Fire that the Lovegoods live near the Weasleys, which is important in the Deathly Hallows. So those kinds of things are really cool about rereading books.

I also really like rereading for the jokes again, seeing them again, and see the jokes retold again, and seeing how the story evolves again. I find it interesting.

I think there are some books I probably wouldn’t reread, because I am bitter, old and cynical. I have issues with Pippi Longstocking, which I went through in another post, and I don’t think I’d reread those books because it would ruin the nice memories. I’m sad.

Final thoughts
Anyways, that’s quite incoherent and weird, but if it were coherent it wouldn’t be me. So that’s what I thought about rereading books, hope you liked it.