Books in June

This is a look at the books I'll be reading in June, and it's a bit late, because life, and also laziness. But here we go. Books I'll be reading.

Sofies verden by Jostein Gaarder
I didn’t finish this last month, so I’m gonna finish it this month, because I should. Anyway, I’m like 80-odd pages in, and I just need to make myself finish. It’ll be hard though, because I have books I really, really want to read, and Sophie’s world was bugging me a little, or a lot. Anyways, I’ll read it. You believe me.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
In a roundabout way I came to Brandon Sanderson. I read Wheel of Time and he helped finish it when Jordan passed away, so I read Elantris. I didn’t particularly like it, but I thought I’d give him another chance, and people have been raving about The Mistborn series, so I’ll just have to read it. I am not entirely sure what it’s about to be honest, because when I’ve seen YouTubers talk about it they’ve been a bit confused too. I know it’s high fantasy, and heroes and all that carry on, and that makes me excited, so I’ll read that.

Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen
I’ve had this on my shelf for a long time, for some reason. I don’t know when I bought it, or for that matter why, because I don’t really read a lot of poetry, but I have it. I do want to read more poetry though, so I am going to read it, because poetry, yay. There isn’t all that much to say about I think, except poetry yay, and you know, this is a critically acclaimed book, so that should help.

A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson
I like weird non-fiction. I especially like people like Bill Bryson who sees a problem with himself, his own lack of knowledge, and decides to fix it. He decides to fix it to the extent of writing a book about the history of nearly everything. He tries to figure out how we went from nothing to what we have now. This weird and complicated place that started out as nothing. I also like it because it’s stuff I should know, but don’t necessarily know. Which is fascinating.

The Wise Man’s Fear by Pat Rothfuss
I finished the Name of the Wind last month, and it was really amazing. Pat Rothfuss is amazing, he’s an incredible writer and the Name of the Wind is incredible. And apparently the second book is better so I am looking forward to that. It’ll be fun. Kvothe’s story is continuing and he is looking for answers, learning about magic and stuff. I think there will probably be more Elodin in this one, which is exciting, he’s crazy banana and outstanding. The story telling is just incredible and the plot and the world is amazing, and I am very excited.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

I love the Daughter of Smoke and Bone books, they’re so awesome. And the last one came out a little while ago and I just got it in the mail, which is exciting. Karou has taken over the Chimera rebellion, even though she doesn’t much want to. The seraph army has broken into the human world, so, that’s awesome. I love Laini’s books are awesome, her writing is so beautiful and poetic and it’s awesome. I am very, very excited to read this.