Mount TBR Checkpoint #2

On Goodreads I do this thing called a Mount TBR, where I'm trying to read 36 books I owned before 2014 started, in an attempt to make the list shorter. Every three months there's a checkpoint, and this time we could do a thing where we write a sort of story called My Day in Books where we use book titles from our challenge to finish sentences. I really liked mine, so I decided to share it here. And here we go. The regular part of the sentence is the prompt from the group Moderator, the italics part is a book title, and the 'is' in brackets was to make the sentence make sense. 

My Day in Books

I began the day with Hunger
Before breakfasting on Electrified Sheep

On my way to work I saw The Ask and the Answer
And walked by Tiger Lily
To avoid The Summoning
But I made sure to stop at Metro 2033

In the office, my boss said, Son of a Witch
and sent me to research Stardust

At lunch with Count Karlstein
I noticed The Neuromancer
playing a game of Inherent Vice.

When I got home that night, 
I studied The Secret Garden
because I'm interested in Dream Songs
and I decided that [is] Life.

That was my day in books, hope you liked it. I thought it was pretty cool. Off to continue up my mountain.