Booktube-a-thon Day 4 Update

So far I’ve read 714 pages, which isn’t spectacular, but it’s pretty good. I can spend most of today reading, so that’ll be good. I have however finished three of the reading challenges, so I’m pretty pleased with myself. The three I’ve finished are:

A book with pictures: Saga, Volume #1, which is a graphic novel, so obviously it’s full of pictures. I really liked it. I liked the art, I liked the story, the humor, the world they live in, it’s very interesting. I’ll definitely want to read more Saga.

A book someone else picks out for you: A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson. My mother made me read this, but it’s sort of cheating, because I was almost done and you know, I’m a cheater.

And a book from a genre you’ve read the least this year: Vidunderbarn by Roy Jacobsen, which is sort of historical fiction, slice of life in 60s Norway, something. It was actually very interesting and I liked it a lot. I read it in one, not one sitting, well sort of. I read it on the train, in the airport, and on the plane, and then I was done just when the plane landed. So I guess that’s one sitting.

I also did one of the video challenges, but as a blog challenge, and it was the top three books I’ve read because of Booktube, so y’all can check that out.

And then there is the day four video challenge, which sort of works for the blog. Use all the words in three book titles and make a short story. So I did that, and go:

Kai lived in the republic of thieves. She had since she was born, she had been pushed into the world in this godsforsaken place, kicking and screaming. Her mother had smacked her back and told her to shut up and Kai had. She hadn’t lived long with her mother, not by choice; her mother had been a fucking idiot and had gotten herself killed. When you lived in Tarin you paid the Company promptly and correctly and you didn’t whine. If the money her mother hadn’t paid had been going to feed Kai or make sure she didn’t spend every night shivering in her rags, then Kai would have been more likely to forgive her mother. Instead the money had gone to support her mother’s substance abuse, so when she sat there with too much opium and no food in her system, so she couldn’t fight to keep Kai from the Company it didn’t bother Kai much. She didn’t really fancy living with the most dangerous criminals in the world, but maybe she could prove herself a good thief and not end up as a whore. So that was what she had done. She had worked hard and she had become a good thief and she earned more creeping across roofs and robbing houses than she ever would in some asshole’s bed, so the Company, and more specifically Conor Barco let her run across roofs and steal. She loved it up there, it was like her own little world, a world where she could spryly run around, jump and almost fly. It was the wise man’s fear these roofs. The nobles built tall houses and if you fell down you’d be crushed, or caught on spikes, but Kai didn’t care, here she was free, until the day she decided to steal from lord Erel Fine.
Erel Fine had the biggest holdings, the biggest riches and the most challenging house. Conor didn’t want Kai anywhere near it, but he couldn’t completely control her. She jumped from the neighboring house and easily caught a windowsill and pulled herself up. She had spent four weeks planning this break-in, four weeks observing guard patterns, the lord’s comings and goings and scouting where the most valuable stuff outside the vault would be kept. It had all led to this moment when she dragged herself up, through the window, and fell sort of gracelessly on the floor. She sat up and looked around. This was the perfect room, a library sort of place with old necklaces and fighting gear on display. Kai smiled widely and stood, took out her pouch and filled it with old golden necklaces.
“Hello.” She turned and found a young man there. He was smiling delightedly at his fortune, finding a thief mid-theft, then his eyebrows furrowed slightly and he looked sort of surprised. He was handsome, dark amber hair, big green eyes, skinny and sweet. “You’re the prettiest thief I’ve ever seen.” He said. And even though Kai didn’t know it yet, that phrase would change her life completely.

There’s my short story, with a deeply unsatisfying ending, but I did write it on the fly. The titles are italicized and I sort of made them work. And now to read on.