#Movie Project: Reservoir dogs

In my attempt to watch good movies you should have watched I watched Reservoir Dogs. Because I’m Norwegian I bought it in Norway, and there were subtitles put on automatically. And for some reason there is just so much weirdness in the subtitles. The title is translated to “The Ruthless” which, I don’t know why. Sometimes they translate the title literally, sometimes they translate base it on the plot. I don’t know if the Ruthless is a very good translation. On the other hand, I have no idea how the hell you would translate the title. Anyway, enough about inadequate translation, even if I find it fascinating.

Reservoir Dogs is Quentin Tarantino’s debut movie and it’s a crime film about a jewel heist. It never actually shows the actual heist, you see what happens before the heist, and what happens afterwards and it’s told with flashbacks and stuff. Basically six guys are hired by a man named Joe, and his son, Eddie, to rob this jewellery store. When they get there the cops arrive almost instantly, which leads them to believe one of their number is a cop, who has sold them out.

The movie opens with Mr Pink, White, Blue, Orange, Blonde and Brown sitting in a diner with Joe and Eddie, discussing Madonna, and then whether or not you should tip. Then they pay, leave and the opening credits start. After the credits we find Mr White and Mr Orange in a lot of trouble. Mr Orange has been shot in the stomach and is getting blood all over their stolen car. Mr White is trying to convince him that he’ll be fine, because you know stomach wounds take long to kill you, so he’ll be fine. They get to the safe house and put Mr Orange on the floor to wait for Joe. At this point I had no idea what had happened, because nothing’s been explained so far. Eventually Mr Pink arrives and has a discussion with White and it becomes clear that Mr Blonde went a bit trigger happy and that he shot a bunch of cops, and that they had to run, and now Mr Brown is dead. They don’t know where Mr Blue is or Mr Blonde.

I love Tarantino, Pulp Fiction is a masterpiece, Inglorious Basterds is a lot of fun, and Reservoir Dogs was just gorgeous. The cinematography was beautiful. The way it’s structured is really cool. There are flashbacks showing how Mr Blonde, White and Orange joined the gang. Which was interesting. Mr Blonde, in his flashbacks, come off as sort of, calm, normal, and you know, loyal. In what happens after the heist he comes off as a complete psychopath. Michael Madsen is amazing. He’s just so calm and soft spoken, and it made me worry he might be a serial killer. I’m not sure he isn’t. He has a straight razor in his boot and he cuts a cop’s ear off, because that’s the kind of balanced normal human he is. He dances, which was oddly sexy, because he’d just cut a dude’s ear off, there’s a disturbing look into my psyche.

I really love Mr Pink, obviously because Steve Buscemi is amazing. He’s just, first off, gorgeous. Not in any normal terms, I know he looks a bit odd, and it looks like his eyes are trying to escape his face. His teeth are too big for his mouth, and he has a forehead that looks like it’s trying to have its own life. Don’t care, he’s gorgeous. He still is. Also, he looks washed out, it’s fascinating. Because there are white people, and then there is Steve Buscemi, he’s grey, and his eyes are a sort of watery blue. It’s really odd, he looks like he has his own filter. And his name is Mr Pink, and he really doesn’t like it, which I found funny.
Look at him, gorgeous man. On a different color scheme than others.
Something that confused me was, near the end there’s a standoff between Joe, Eddie and Mr White, because Mr Blonde is dead, and they don’t know what happened. Joe is sure the soon-to-be-bled-to-death Mr Orange is a cop, Mr White is positive Mr Orange is a loyal criminal who would never be a cop. I don’t know why he would. The others are long-standing criminals, they have excellent credentials, Orange is just this guy who came in recently, why does he trust him so much? That made no sense to me.

Anyway. The acting performances are superb. Harvey Keitel (Mr White) is just really cool. He puts on his sunglasses and he shoots people and I love him. Steve Buscemi, I’ve discussed, creepily. Michael Madsen smoking is quite possibly the sexiest thing on the planet. I’ve only seen Tim Roth (Mr Orange) in this, and Pulp Fiction, don’t know why. He was amazing. He spends a lot of the movie lying on his side in an ocean of his own blood, still great. When he sits up again he looks grey, the make-up artists are pretty good. I’m pretty sure most of the budget was spent on fake blood, that’s okay, he’s Quentin Tarantino, what else is he meant to spend it on?

Yeah. It might not have come across yet, but I fucking loved it. It’s so good. I like this project. This has been an interesting look into my brain. I’ll watch another movie soon and that’ll be fun. Don’t know which one, there is still no method to this. There’s just madness. I should stop now, I’m rambling.