New project – Whoo

I know it’s Tuesday, but I got very excited about another thing, and I can’t multitask, so let’s look at this instead of a top ten Tuesday.

When I was younger I spent a lot of time watching movies. And I am pretty sure I have as many, if not more DVDs than books. I’m not counting TV shows in this, but I have a lot of those too. In later years I haven’t watched as many movies as I’d like. And I don’t just mean new releases, although I’ve been bad at that too, a lot of the movies I already own I have never even seen. And there are a lot of the most critically acclaimed classics I’ve never seen. It’s embarrassing.

So new project. I’m going to spend a ridiculous amount of time compiling a list of the movies I own, although I’m pretty sure I have one, but I’ll just rework it a little, to fit my needs. I’ll also take some lists of movies you should have seen according to say IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes and find out how many of those I’ve seen. Then, if I have the movie, or I can get access to it through Netflix or HBO, I’ll start watching my way through the movies I haven’t seen. I’ll probably need to set some sort of goal so that I’ll actually do it. And I was thinking maybe one movie a week. I’ll also try to do a wrap up of the movies I’ve watched here, at the end of the month. 

I made a list where I plotted like 200-odd movies that the gods of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes decided are good, there's obviously some overlap so I took those out. I found out which of those I’d seen, 31, depressing. I found out how many I owned. Not many. I imagine quite a few are on Netflix, or HBO Nordic, but I haven’t checked for them all, because that’ll take forever. I’ll find out when I want to see them. I’ll watch the ones I own first, because logic. There were some movies that I have which weren’t on the list on, but I hear they’re sensational, so I should watch those too.

So there’s that project up and running. I’ll update. I’ll write things. I’ll do all that stuff.