Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon

I realized suddenly I hadn’t done this, so this’ll be short and sweet. I’m doing the Dewey’s 24 hour read-a-thon tomorrow, on the 18th of October. It lasts, like the name says, for 24 hours, and the goal is to get as much reading done as possible. Everyone who participates is supposed to start at the same time, so I start at two pm on Saturday and I end it at two pm on Sunday.

I’ll try to do some updates as the day rolls along, but first, TBR? Yeah, let’s go for it. It’s not set in stone. I have picked some different books, some different genres, put in some graphic novels, so I have lots to choose from.

Night Film – I’m halfway through this book, and I’ve been sort of struggling so I’ve had a break. I’ll pick it up again now.

A Lion Among Men – This is the third instalment of the Wicked Years about Oz before and after Dorothy bounced into Oz. This is about the Cowardly Lion, who Elphaba saved in the first book. It’ll be fun.

Diary – This is about a promising artist who has set her career on hold for her husband and is now drawn into some sort of crime-thing.

Rat Queens – This is a graphic novel to throw in some variation. It’s about a band of lady mercenaries. It’s going to be so much fun.

Sex Criminals – I found this at my local comic book store. It’s another graphic novel. I’ve heard great stuff about it, and I’m excited. It’s about a girl who, when she has sex, stops time. She finds a dude who can do the same, so they have sex and then rob banks, because of course they do.

So that’s my TBR-ish. I’ll try to read as much as possible, but I’ll probably for sure read the graphic novels. Because that’s a bit quicker and it sort of breaks up the reading. I’ll also do some twitter stuff as the day goes on.