#MovieProject The Big Lebowski

I feel like this is a movie I’ve meant to be seeing for a long time, it’s got bowling, Jeff Bridges and Steve Buscemi in it, so you know. Why haven’t I seen it? And it’s on HBO Nordic, so I had no reason not to watch it. And it was so good! I don’t know how to describe its awesomeness.

Basically it’s about a guy named Jeff Lebowski, played by Jeff Bridges, who goes by the moniker Dude. Which I personally loved, because I’m so used to dude just being a word, so it sounded like people were just very comfortable and familiar with him. Anyway. Dude likes White Russians (the drink), bowling, marijuana, and you know, hanging with his bros. He’s on a bowling team with Walter, played by John Goodman, and Donny, played by Steve Buscemi. As we’ve already established I have a weird crush on Steve Buscemi, so this was great for me.

The Dude, Donny and Walter
The movie begins with a southern fella doing a voice-over about the Dude and how he’s not a hero, but he’s the man for the situation or something like that. And Sam Elliott’s voice is perfect for voice-overs, he’s awesome. The Dude is in a grocery store, he buys milk, goes home and finds two guys in his apartment. They’re looking for Jeffrey Lubowski and his wife, because the wife owes their boss money. It turns out they’re in the wrong place, and after one of the guys pees on Dude’s carpet they realize it’s the wrong Lebowski. They leave and Dude sits in his apartment and laments his rug being ruined, because it really tied the room together. He goes and talks to his buddies and they agree that the rug really tied the room together, so he should do something.

Dude and his friends reach the conclusion that the other Lebowski should really reimburse the rug, since they were looking for his wife. So Dude tracks down the Big Lebowski and goes to his house. Where he meets Philip Seymour Hoffman, playing Brandt, Lebowski’s assistant person. I wasn’t aware he was in the movie, so I was a bit surprised. I really love him. Brandt is this very sycophantic, super helpful dude, which was really weird. I’m so used to him being… Philip Seymour Hoffman.

After Dude is shouted out of the house he tells Brandt that Lebowski said he could take any rug in the house, so he takes a rug, meets the lovely Mrs. Lebowski. She’s a young trophy wife, who used to be a porn star. So she’s nice. Dude goes home, and then a bit later he is called by Lebowski again, and is told that the young lady has been kidnapped and Lebowski would like Dude to drop of the ransom money. Which before you’ve seen the whole thing, seems like a horrible idea. Why would he want this lay-about bowler to be in control of his wife’s fate?

Dude and Walter, who sort of decides to tag along, are pulled into a web of crime and weirdness. There are German nihilist, and toes sent in the mail. Walter is a friggin’ psychopath, I love him so much. I now know where the meme is from, which I like. Donny is so sweet, and so stupid, and I love him. Peter Stormare is as always a genius.

Sam Elliott shows up in the movie and has a little chat with Dude, and that was great. Sam Elliott is hot. The movie also has an amazing sort of closing line for Dude: “the Dude abides.” It’s an astounding line of dialogue. I love it. It really has a lot of fantastic dialogue. 

I really loved it. I haven’t seen a lot of Coen brothers’ films that I can remember. I think the only other one is Raising Arizona, which is awesome. I really liked it. It was amazing. It was really funny, the dialogue is amazing, it was extremely confusing at times, but I loved it for that. It’s just awesome and I should really watch more Coen brothers’ movies. I think Fargo is on Netflix so I should do that one next.

To sum up: it’s amazing.

I tweeted while I watched this movie, and this is how that looked.