24in48 readathon

I’ve spent most of November doing Nanowrimo, and not reading, except when I take the bus to and from work. So I’ve finished about half a book in all of November. I’m finding it really hard to just let go of the writing and reading a bit instead, even though I’m really far ahead. So when I heard of this short, intense read-a-thon through Rincey Reads on YouTube I thought, yes. I’m going to make myself not write for a weekend and just read instead.

It’s called the 24in48 readathon and is sort of based on the Dewey’s 24-hour readathon. Except it’s for people who like sleeping. And I love sleeping. The goal is to read for 24 hours spread out on the 48 hours of a weekend. It’s this weekend, the 15th to the 16th of November, and it seems perfect, short, intense bout of reading, but I’m allowed to sleep if I need it.

I haven’t really decided how I’m going to split up my reading time, but I’m going to a work thing in the evening on the 14th and I’m getting a haircut on the 15th, so I’m guessing most of my reading will be done on the Sunday. Although I do read when I get my hair cut, because I’m incapable of sitting still without doing anything for a couple of hours. So mostly the Sunday, but I’ll figure that out. This is a bit impromptu on my part so I’ll see what I do.

So that’s how my weekend is looking. I don’t know a specific TBR yet, but it’s basically my November TBR with possibly some graphic novels thrown in to add some variety. I’ve finished Come on in, and I’ll probably (hopefully) finish On the Road before the weekend, and I’ll probably make a stack, take a picture and tweet it and that’ll be my TBR for the weekend.