The ultimate 2014 round up

This is the round up of the books I read, not with commentary, it’s basically numbers based and I’ll see if I managed to complete my resolutions/goals. There will also be graphs because I am a big fan of graphs. I sound like a very exciting individual sometimes.

My first goal was to read 70 books, which I hit by a good margin, this was probably partly because I read a lot of graphic novels this year, including all of Buffy season 8, so that’s good. So I managed that resolution, go me. At the moment I’ve read 90 books and I’m working on number 91, which I’ll hopefully finish before January.

I did not finish 12 Norwegian books. I read 5, so I failed pretty severely there. I’ll try again next year, but since I didn’t even hit the half-way mark it’s not really a success is it? Who are you talking to? Shut up.

I wanted to read three classics, I read four, so that’s good. I am upping this goal quite a lot for 2015, and I hope I’ll be able to do that. It’ll be fun.

I wanted to read three graphic novels. I read a lot of graphic novels. I don’t actually have a number, but there are a lot.

I wanted to read more of my own books, I did the Mount TBR challenge and I aimed for 36, which I did not hit, I’m at like 31 or something, but I’ll try again.

I wanted to read 6 non-fiction books, which I actually managed, I didn’t know until I checked right now, but yay me. I did read 6 non-fiction books. I haven’t set an actual goal about this for next year, but I think I’ll keep trying to read more non-fiction because I do really enjoy it.

Another bookish goal was to finish series/trilogies, which quite frankly I failed at, but I had all the best intentions. I’ll try again. If at first you don’t succeed and all that jazz.

I also wanted to read more books by people of color. Which I also failed at sort of so I have made that a more specific goal for 2015. Of the 87 people where I knew if they were white or not only 7 books were written by people of color, so that’s embarrassing. I’ll have to change this in some way.

As far as the split between men and women I didn’t have a specific goal here either, but I did track it and it ended up at around 60/40, I want to try and get that to around 50/50 somewhere in 2015.

So this is my reading stat round-up for 2014.