Top 10 goals/resolutions for 2015

It’s Tuesday again, and I haven’t done any in a while. But I like this one, and I’m back. The Broke and the Bookish host this every week and this week the topic is resolutions/goals for 2015. They can be bookish/bloggish/general. I’ve mainly gone bookish, and one blog-related resolution, which is a fairly ambitious one so we’ll see how that goes. First though; the book goals.

Book stuff
I will try to read 70 books in 2015
Every year on Goodreads you can set a goal for how many books you plan on reading. I’m setting mine to 70 again next year, which is the same as I set it to in 2014. I got a little panic-y at a point, because I thought I wasn’t going to make it, but it went okay, so I’m trying again.

I’ll try to read one Norwegian book a month, or 12 in total
I set this goal last year as well and failed like, well. I failed horribly, I’ll try again this year and see if I can knock some Norwegian books off my TBR.

I want to try to read 8 classics
My goal for last year was 3, which I made. This year I’m planning to read all of the Brontë books, so I imagine I can manage it then. It’s possibly a bit overly ambitious, but you know, go big or go home, stop it. I’m being a dork.

I want to read 12 graphic novels
This also works out to about one a month, which I think is fine. I want to read up on Marvel stuff, because there’ll be a lot of Marvel movies this year and I want to know the backstory of those movies.

I’ll do the Mount TBR challenge again, and again I’ll go for 36 books
I didn’t finish my Mount TBR challenge in 2014, so I’m going to try again.I’m going to go for 36 again, it works out to 3 a month. I’m also doing the read five, buy one thing where I’m not allowed to buy any books before I’ve read five of my own books, so that should help.

I’m going to try to finish series I have started and never finished
I have a lot, a lot, of series I’ve started and never finished so I will try to finish as many as possible. I’ve made a promise to myself not to start a new series until after I’ve finished one, so hopefully that’ll help.

Try to read a book by a person of color every month
Last year I tried to read more people of color, but I didn’t really set a specific goal, so I didn’t really do anything specific with it. I hope that setting a specific goal will make me more inclined to finish it.

Do Book Riot’s Read Harder challenge
Book Riot are doing a challenge called Read Harder, where they’ve made 24 challenges so you have to look through your books and find a way to match them to the challenges. It makes you sort of expand your reading and going out of your comfort zone, so I’m going to try that.

Try to read 50/50 men and women
This year my split was 60/40 for men/women, and I really want to try to get it to 50/50, so more ladies for 2015. That’s a weird way of putting that, but you know what I mean.

I’m going to try to review all the books I read
Yeah. It’s a bit overly ambitious. But I will try anyway. I will try to bloody review all the books I read. I quite like to reflect on the books I’m reading, so I’m gonna try to review them so I will think more about the books I’m reading. You know how reviews work, it’ll be fun.

So these are my resolutions/goals for 2015. Whoo.