Top 5 Wednesday - Series You Want to Start This Year

I used to do Top Ten Tuesday, but I got a bit frustrated by it, because I couldn't always think of 10 topics, so I thought I'd do Top 5 Wednesday instead, hosted by GingerReadsLainey which I think I'll like more. So these are series I want to start in 2015. Not series that will start in 2015, so I have some of these. And let's go. 

The Magicians by Lev Grossman
I have heard great things about this series from for example the Readables, and Books and Pieces of YouTube. I think it sounds cool. I have the first one on my Kindle. It’s about a young man named Quentin Coldwater who is a grumpy high school senior who is suddenly admitted to a secret magical school, very Harry Potter, yes? Then he graduates from magic school, very not Harry Potter, and Quentin gets to be an educated magician, someone much more powerful than normal people, and they sound amazing. They’re apparently not nice, and I’m excited.

Firebug by Lish McBride
I have already read Lish McBride’s Necromancer series and I love it. She’s hilarious, she’s snarky and spunky and the writing is great. Firebug is set in the same sort of Universe. So the Necromancer series is urban fantasy, it’s set in Seattle, it just has magic and necromancy. Firebug is set in another city I think. It’s about Ava, a Firebug. She can set fires with her mind. She gets caught up with the magical mafia, the Coterie, and is one of their hitmen, and she doesn’t like it. I’m excited.

Agents of Hel by Jacqueline Carey
Jacqueline Carey wrote one of my favourite high fantasy series, and I love her. That felt a bit intense and weird, and if she ever reads it, I am sorry. I’m just excited. Agents of Hel is about the Norse goddess Hel, which is awesome. The first book is about Daisy Johnson, the daughter of an incubus father, raised by a single mom, who lives in Pemkowet in the Midwest, and who is the enforcer for Hel. Yeah! I love mythology, so I’m a bit over excited. And you know, sexy werewolf.

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson
I read the Mistborn trilogy in 2014 and I really loved it, which was good, because my previous experience with Sanderson wasn’t great, but I loved Mistborn. People say the Stormlight Archive is better. It’s a huge one though. It’s planned to be 10 (?) books. Also the books are massive. The first is like 1000 pages. I’m looking forward to it. It’s about a world named Roshar, a world of stone and storms. It sounds complicated, but I’m looking forward to that. 

Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky
I bought this and it looks really cool, and then I just never read it. It’s set in the Russian subway system. People can’t live on the surface anymore so they have sought refuge in the underground system, which I think is a great concept. I like that. It’s about this young kid, whose name I cannot find. Something happens in the underground to drive people crazy or something, and the kid has to go on some mission or whatever. And it sounds really cool, and I’m excited.