Books in April

April is fast approaching and these are the books I'm planning on reading in April. 

Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson
This is Brandon Sanderson monster series, I think it’s supposed to be ten books or something. It’s about the world of Roshar and this order of knights called the Knights Radiant whose order fell centuries ago. And it’s about a kid called Kaladin, who used to be a magician’s apprentice, but became a soldier to protect his brother, and now he’s a slave. And it’s about this woman across the ocean, called Shallan who wants to train under a heretic. Most people say it’s incredible, and that it’s magnificent, and I’m very excited. I love Sanderson’s writing, his world building is amazing, and I’m really stoked. It’ll be fun.

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan
This is a book about a woman named Lady Trent, the world’s foremost dragon naturalist. I think the world is written sort of as a fake biography about Lady Trent, and it’s about her and about the dragons she looks into. It’s like a fake scientific text about dragons, and it sounds really cool. I like dragons, and I love fake science, for some reason, so I’m excited.

Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë
The YearofBrontë continues with one of Anne’s books. She was the youngest Brontë sister and she wrote two books. When Anne was 19 she left home to be a governess and Agnes Grey is based on her life as a governess. It’s about young Agnes Grey, the daughter of a minister with few means. And Agnes deals with the difficulty of reigning in spoilt, unruly children, and seeing how money can corrupt, so it’ll be fun.

Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
I’ve been wanting to read John Scalzi for a while. I follow a lot of what he does online, the blogging and the tweeting and all that, but I’ve never read any of his books, but I thought that should change. It’s about a guy named Jack Holloway, a soldier who works for ZaraCorp. He is involved in an accidental cliff collapse and finds a bunch of jewels. He manages to lay claim to them, and is the summarily fired for causing the collapse. He discovers that the corporation is extracting resources from the planet without necessarily having any legitimate right to do so. Also, tiny fuzzy things.

Innsirkling 2 by Carl Frode Tiller
This is the second book, duh, in a trilogy about a man named David. David shows up in hospital with amnesia and the hospital puts an ad in the paper to find out who he is. People are encouraged to write letters to try to help David remember. The story is told through the letters, and through the interactions the senders have with other people in their lives. And it’s very interesting to see how different people experience different situations. It’s a while since I read the first one, but I’m excited to read this one either way.

Saga, volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples
I’ve had this for like a month and not read it, and I’ve no idea why, but I’ll read it in April, I guess. Feel the confidence. So Saga is about these two warring planets, and two people, one from each side, falling in love, getting married, running away and having a baby. I’m not sure what this one is about, but I imagine more swearing, sex, violence and weirdness, so that’ll be fun.