First quarterly round-up

So at the end of 2015 I did a post on my book related resolutions, and I thought I’d check up on it every three months, to see where I’m at. So I’ll just go through them and see how I’m doing.

I wanted to read 70 books, currently I’ve read 20, and according to Goodreads I’m four books ahead of schedule, so that’s good. Another resolution was to read one Norwegian book a month, so far I’ve read one, which isn’t great, but I’m reading another one next month, and I’ll try to pick up the pace there. As far as the classics challenge I set myself I’ve read two. I don’t know what that means as far as ahead or behind schedule, but two, that’s good. I’ve read three graphic novels, so I’m on track there. As far as my Mount TBR challenge is concerned I’ve read eight, but I haven’t finished all my books for March yet, so I might be on track there too when March ends.

Another resolution I had was to read one person of colour a month. I’ve read four so far, and I’m currently reading Americanah, so that goal is going pretty okay.

I also want to read 50/50 men and women, and currently it’s 45/55, which isn’t bad.

I’m also doing the Book Riot Read Harder challenge. 24 challenges to do throughout the year. I’ve done eight of them so far and working on nine and ten. So that’s good. I’m pretty confident I’ll finish that challenge before the end of the year.

My blogging goal was to review all the books I read. It’s going… okay. I’ve reviewed more than I haven’t, if that sentence makes sense. I’m currently behind with five, but I’ll get there. It’ll be fine, I’m not worried, shush.

And just because it’s fun, this is my current genre breakdown. A lot of dystopia, for some reason

So this is the quarterly check-in on my goals and resolutions. See you in June, I guess.