#FridayReads and #48hbc

I don’t really do #FridayReads, but I am doing right now. For no good reason. I’m planning to do another readathon, because of course I am. So I’m basically just doing Friday reads as part of it, because the readathon goes over the weekend, and FridayReads is about what books you’re planning to read during the weekend. Well this was boring.

Moving on. The 48 hour book challenge, 48hbc, runs from the 19th to the 21st, for 48 hours, and the goal is to read for at least 12 hours in that time. You can start at whatever time you want on the Friday, so I’m going to probably start as soon as I publish this; so about 7:45 pm on Friday until 7:45 pm on Sunday. I don’t have a lot of life stuff this weekend, and I’m still kind of sick, so I might as well read, to finish some of the bazillion books I’ve already started.

So the books I will be reading. I’ve already started four of these, because there is something a bit wrong with me.