RE: The Little Things - Tea Chat by Misty

So Misty from the Bookrat made a video about small things in her daily life that she loves. Things that don’t necessarily make sense, small things, not like, your family, or friends, because hopefully they do make you happy, but small, weird things, that you love. And I loved that idea, because I love a lot of weird inconsequential things. So this is a list of things I love, some with explanations, some of them are just there. Here I go.

Things I love
·       Videos of cats that jump and then give up halfway through and crash to the ground. It looks like they just think; meh, fuck this, and then are like; shit, this was a bad idea. This feels sort of evil, but they make me laugh out loud, and they’re so cute. I love it.
·       Making lists. Like, seriously. I Love. Making. Lists.
·       When I look at a clock and it’s on the button.
·       When I have to pay for something and it’s a round number.
·       When I’m reading and realizing that the left side (the read pages) is fatter than the right side (unread pages). It feels like such an accomplishment, and it feels like I’m succeeding at something.
·       When I read on my kindle and it stops on a new chapter and on a round % at the same time.
·       Finding patterns in things. Patterns that don’t matter, or have no impact, or no one else cares about. Like if people have plates in different colors, and they’re stacked in a pattern, no matter what it is. I don’t know why this is. I have just always liked it.
·       The smell of rain on dust. When the weather’s been dry for days and there’s dust and sand everywhere, and it rains, and that smell. Wow.  
·       I love building IKEA furniture. Seriously. I’m not very good at making things, but I like building things. This also goes for Lego. I will religiously follow the instructions. It gives me this sense of accomplishment. I’ve made something useful out of a pile of wood.
·       I love rain. Being outside in rain, being inside when it’s raining, being in a tent in the rain.
·       I love singing out loud to myself. If you haven’t done that, then what is wrong with you? I usually pick very silly pop songs and like Queen songs and everything. It’s fun.
·       I love dancing when I’m by myself. I’m not a good dancer, I don’t have rhythm, but I love dancing around. It’s delightful.
·       The Hobbit. Not the movies. The book. It’s got this long history in my family, that sounds weird, my mother and uncle are huge fans, my mother read it to my sister and me, and I’ve read it a lot, and I collect it. It’s so sweet and twee and weird.
·       I really love organizing things. I’m a nerd.
·       I love photos of dogs protecting babies, or dogs putting up with children. You know pictures of dogs, particularly big, scary looking dogs, that are used as toys/chairs/horses for small children, and they look like they’re very proud, or like they’re just going along, thinking: my mom and dad like this tiny human, so I will be kind, but I really would prefer to sleep. I LOVE that, so much.

Look at that scary dog (credit

·       I love photos of animals who love each other.
·       I love videos of soldiers who surprise their loved ones. It’s a bit cynical, and exploitative to film these things, but the look on the faces of spouses or children when they see a soldier they thought was overseas, it makes me happy.
·       I love turning on the TV and hitting the beginning of an episode of a TV show you love, like a favorite episode.
·       I also love turning on the TV randomly and hitting an episode you’ve never seen of a TV show you love.
·       I love organizing my books
·       I love watching my sister dance, because she loves that. And she’s good.
·       I love when I meet someone who likes the same thing as me, like Doctor Who, or Buffy, or whatever. Like you say something weird and obscure, and someone just gets it. Or you’re wearing a t-shirt from a fandom and someone says: I love your shirt, let’s discuss Harry Potter for three hours.
·       I love when I’m watching a movie and I recognize someone and I can’t remember where I know them from, and I can figure it out without looking it up online. It’s such a sense of relief.
·       Stationary
·       Alan Alda’s smile/laughter. It’s my baby’s laughter/smile. He laughs with his whole face. His smile is really kind and sweet. I have a major crush on Alan Alda.

So this is my list. There’s probably stuff I’ve forgotten. And I will probably add stuff in my brain, but this is some of the things I love. What weird, tiny things do you love?