Dewey’s 24hourreadathon announcement and TBR

This weekend, the 17th of Saturday is the Dewey’s 24hourreadathon. It’s basically a readathon that lasts for 24 hours. So that’s complicated. Everyone starts at the same time. I think my start time is 2 pm. And then everyone, no matter where, reads for 24 hours, ideally. So this is my announcement to say that I’m doing it. Because why not. And it’s my TBR. I say TBR, but if I’m honest it’s just a list of books. So it’s a list of books that I might read.

Firstly, I’m already reading the Queen of the Tearling. I have like 70-odd pages left. I’m hoping I’ll finish it before the readathon starts. I don’t know why I hope this, it’s completely arbitrary, and I just like the idea of finishing one thing before starting something else. This is how I get when I’ve had the right amount of wine. I get very existential think-y. And just, so eloquent. I’m also already reading Outlander. But that one is almost 900 pages, so I won’t finish that. I’ll just put it into the readathon. Because why not.

Other than that:

That’s my tentative, overly ambitious, slightly insane TBR for the 24hourreadathon. It’ll be fun.