October rewind 2

This is a round up of the last half of October as far as my reading went. I read, well, listened to, a lot of Harry Potter, and finished a book I’ve been working on for a while. I should say I read half-ish of it in August, put it down and read none of it in September, then finished it in October, anyways, done now. So this is what I read in the last half of October.

Vagina: A New Biography by Naomi Wolf
I basically bought this because it’s an excellent title. I literally walked past it in the store, saw it out of the side of my eye, and backtracked and picked it up. And then I was like… well I need this. So I bought it. So it’s about the vagina, basically. It’s also about womanhood, and being a woman, and how the vagina is connected to the brain. And how what you do with your vagina or your brain affects the other. How there are actual physical, biological effects of being raped, even if it isn’t a violent stranger rape, it affects you, and your brain, not just psychologically, although that is obviously serious, but it affects your brain biologically as well. I found it fascinating to see how the vagina has been seen symbolically through history, how it’s gone from powerful and sacred to this dirty thing we don’t talk about and that’s fascinating. It was interesting. And I like Naomi’s writing style. 

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
I am going through the Harry Potter books on audiobook and I finished the Chamber of Secrets this month. It was always my least favourite, for no good reason, I just love the others more. This one is about Harry’s second year, the heir of Slytherin is petrifying people in the castle. It introduces Ginny, who is one of my favourites. And I love Gilderoy Lockhart more than anything. “Celebrity is as celebrity does” is my favourite quote of all time. It’s brilliant. So while it isn’t my favourite one it is still brilliant.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
As will become evident soon I am on a serious Harry Potter kick. As soon as I finished the Chamber of Secrets I bounced straight to the next one. Anyways. In this book Harry is kept under relatively serious watch because his godfather Sirius Black, who was in Azkaban because he supposedly killed 13 people, has broken out. All evidence suggests that he’s coming after Harry. This book also includes Lupin, this year’s Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. He’s kind and sweet, and he looks after Harry, and helps him. And I love Lupin. And I love the book. I think this is one of my favourite Harry Potter books and I always love reading it.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
When I finished the Prisoner of Azkaban I moved swiftly along to the Goblet of Fire. In the Goblet of Fire Hogwarts hosts the Tri-Wizard tournament where three schools select one champion and the three of them compete in three tasks to show how clever and brave they are. In a quite frankly insane and extremely convoluted plan to use and kill Harry, one of Voldemort’s supporters makes sure Harry competes in the tournament and wins, sending him to a graveyard. I like the book. The adventure is fun and the teenage angst is believable and understandable. I also enjoy the subplot of Hermione’s fight for Elfish welfare.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
Yes, Harry Potter binge. When I finished Goblet of fire I bounced straight to the Order of the Phoenix. Since Voldemort came back in the previous book Dumbledore has formed a secret society to fight back. The Minister for Magic refuses to believe that Voldemort is back and is leaning on the Daily Prophet and he has installed a crazy, megalomaniacal teacher at Hogwarts to make sure Dumbledore isn’t building an army. Umbridge is quite possibly the most unpleasant character of all time. The Order of the Phoenix is my favourite Harry Potter book, mainly because I think Umbridge is an incredible character, and Luna Lovegood is amazing.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
I finished it. FINALLY. I did really like it, but I feel like it took forever. Anyway. It’s over now. Only seven other books in the series. So outlander is about Claire Randall, who is in Scotland in 1945/46 with her husband Frank on a second honeymoon. She walks up to a stone circle, touches a standing stone and falls through time. She is transported to 1743 and taken in by the clan MacKenzie. She becomes married to one of them to avoid having to hand herself over to the English Dragoons and her husband Frank’s ancestor. It’s fun, Claire is spunky and tough and she’s strong and kind. Jaime is tough, and sexy and definitely swoon worthy. And I really liked the whole book, it’s fun.