Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

I’ve been listening to all the Harry Potter books, and I’ve finished them all now, but not moved on, because of NaNoWriMo. But I did say I would review all the books I read this year, and while I will fail spectacularly, I thought I might procrastinate Nanowrimo by reviewing this. Because logic.

Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book in the Harry Potter series. It’s mainly because of Luna Lovegood, who is introduced in this book. She’s a magical munchkin. Which is my favorite term of endearment, apparently. In Order of the Phoenix Harry is sort of vaguely shunned because the Daily Prophet has been running a smear campaign against him, and trying to convince people Voldemort isn’t back. Anyways. Onto Luna Lovegood.

I noticed something that really bothered me this time around. I’ve noticed it before, but this time it bugged me more than before. Luna Lovegood is one year behind Harry, Ron and Hermione, and in Ravenclaw, so she is in the same year as Ginny Weasley. Luna has grown up in a slightly odd family. Her mother was a very eccentric witch who would make up spells and stuff. She died in front of Luna when Luna was nine, and Luna was then brought up by only her father, Xenophilius, who is a goofball of weird. She has grown up with parents who believe in different things, like crumplehorned snorcax, and Luna makes her own necklaces out of butterbeer caps. So she doesn’t really fit in at Hogwarts. A school for WIZARDS!

Luna is very comfortable with who she is, I think she’s lonely, but she seems comfortable by herself as well. She is in Ravenclaw, the house for people who are smart, and slightly more open, but she is still ridiculed by her classmates. There is a scene in the book where she mentions something outlandish and weird and Hermione basically scolds her for holding this belief. Here’s the thing; Hermione is very intelligent, and people think she might belong in Ravenclaw, she doesn’t. She is clever, but Ravenclaws are also open-minded, try to discuss things and tolerant, and they don’t necessarily just read a book and swallow the facts. Hermione is smart, but she is smart in the way that she reads a book, and basically learns the whole book and can spew it back. So when Luna says something that Hermione hasn’t heard about she refuses to believe it. SHE IS A WITCH! SHE LIVES IN A MAGIC SCHOOL! How can she be so fucking dismissive of something she hasn’t heard about? Until she was eleven she didn’t know about witches and magic? GAH! I realize that Hermione having a flaw makes her more believable, but… whenever Luna is mocked and derided and whenever people are cruel to her it hurts me deep inside my soul.

Luna is kind, and loyal, and she’s strong, and she believes Harry when no one else does, and he is annoyed because she’s weird. SHE BELIEVES IN YOU, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE. I’m angrier about this than I thought I was. She refuses to let Harry and the others go alone to the Ministry. She doesn’t just join the DA to stand up to Umbridge, she does it because she wants to fight. She is a tough badass, she is unflinchingly good and she manages to keep her spirits up when she is kidnapped in book seven. Luna is strong and brave in the face of unimaginable terror. And I am very annoyed that she is portrayed to be annoying or ludicrous just for holding some different views.

So in conclusion, I love Luna, she’s a magical monkey, and I want to be her best friend.