Reading goals 2016

Since 2015 isn’t over yet I haven’t done my 2015 wrap-up yet. I’ll do it when the year has ended, probably the first week of January. So anyway. I have some goals.

Number one is to read my own damn books. I try to do that every year. And I am doing read five before I buy. I say I’m doing it, I find every excuse under the moon to cheat, but I really want to make myself be stricter with myself in 2016. It also combines with the Mount TBR challenge. My plan is 36 this year as well. I have failed both times I’ve tried, but third time’s a charm, right? Yeah, lets go for it. And the #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks is a “movement” started by Andi at estellasrevenge on YouTube, and she wrote a blog post here.

Number two is to do the Read Harder challenge for 2016 from Book Riot. It was a lot of fun this year. It wasn’t too challenging, this one is going to be a bit harder, so it’ll be more of a stretch. It’ll be fun.

Number three is that I usually set a goal on Goodreads, usually like 70. I’m hoping I’m getting better at just chilling out about it and not freaking out if I don’t reach it. I just like to have an idea of how far I’ve gotten.

Number four is trying to read more internationally. Because… well I’ve made a huge excel sheet of what I read and a lot of it, a lot, is books published in the US, Canada or Britain. So I’ll try to read more internationally. I want to branch out.

Number five is going to sound weird. I’ve been tracking the race of the authors I’m reading. It feels like it’s gotten a bit token-y, the way I thought it out. Which is creepy and problematic. So while I really want to read fewer white dudes, and more people who aren’t white I will try to be not as… rule bound. Also because I just make these people into one thing, and not into the complex humans they are, so it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Hopefully if I read more internationally it will help anyways, but yeah, try to do that, sort of. I don’t know if that made sense. I’ll still make a bit excel sheet, and track gender and race a bit, because I’m a weirdo and I like to quantify my life, because I’m fun, but it’s more to make sure that I’m sticking to my goal.

So those are my goals. I don't have that many, but hopefully that'll make me stick more to them? Let's hope that's the case.