Winter by Marissa Meyer

I finished Winter, and the Lunar Chronicles, by Marissa Meyer, and I don’t know if I have a lot of thoughts, but I’ll try. There will probably be spoilers, so tread carefully.

The book
This is the fourth book in the Lunar Chronicles, and the final book. It is the end of the story so it wraps up the whole story that started in Cinder and went on in Scarlet and Cress. It also mirrors the story of Snow White, who is represented by Winter. Winter is the step-daughter of Levana, the queen of Luna. She is incredibly beautiful and incredibly beloved on Luna, but Levana despises her. She has forced Winter to mar her own face. Winter has also gone a bit crazy because she refuses to use her Lunar gift, and when the Lunars don’t use their gift they get a lunar disease. The book also tells the story of Cinder rising up to the challenge of being Selene and toppling Levana.

I really liked Winter, the character. I haven’t seen too many reviews, but there are people who don’t really like Winter. I liked her. Firstly because I think she’s charming. When she has moments of clarity she makes delightful jokes. There is a moment where the others leave her alone and tell her to stay sane and quiet and she says something to the effect of I shall be a pillar in a pool of sanity, and it’s wonderful. She is strong, and she’s honest. She could have easily offed herself, because she’s obviously in pain, and she hallucinates and it would be easy to just let go and use her powers and then she’d be fine. Instead she just stays the distance. She won’t do this thing, she will stay strong and she will stay honest. And yes she puts her friends in danger because she’s naïve and a bit crazy, but she just really wants to help, and she wants to do what she can, and even if she sometimes messes up she has the best of intentions.

I really liked the way the Snow White fairy tale was played out. It isn’t a straight up retelling, like all of them, but I liked the references, I loved how the whole, glass casket they put her in in the fairy tale was handled. I really like Jacin, and I thought he was a good huntsman/prince.

I loved how Cinder turned herself into Selene. I feel like she really had a Katniss moment and became the Mockingjay basically. And no matter how much she stumbles and no matter how conflicted she is she is tough and she is vulnerable, and beautiful, and she does everything she can. I think she became Selene, and I think she became her version of Selene. I also think her choices and the way she rules Luna were good and strong choices. I also loved that she is so… she comes into her own and she realizes that she is worth something. She realizes her family were wrong, and she’s worthy, she’s a cyborg, but that doesn’t make her less. Because while her friends love her anyway, she seems to have some self-hate that she’s not really aware of.

I loved Cress and Thorne’s weird romance. Because Cress is so dappy and shy and weird, and so brilliant and brave. She becomes this badass lady, and she loves Thorne, and he is clearly flabbergasted by her, and loves her too. But because it’s a romance they can’t just communicate like normal people, but be annoyed and uncertain with what they assume is happening. But they’re so perfect.

Also, I love Scarlet. She’s a snarky, sarcastic badass, and I friggin love her so much.

I don’t have a lot of complaints, but I feel like it was a bit long. It felt like there was stuff that could have been cut out and that wasn’t necessary, so that was a bit annoying. But other than that, fun.


It was good, I loved it. It was a great ending. It was magical.