2015 wrap-up

I found my bookish resolutions from the beginning of 2015/end of 2014, and I shall now try to see how much I failed, or how well I did. So that’ll be fun.

My first goal was to read 70 books, and my fourth was to read 12 graphic novels. I smashed these. Well, I smashed the book one. I read 14 graphic novels, so I managed that one too, but I also read like 89 books, so, go team.

My second goal was to try to read 12 Norwegian books, at which I failed monumentally, but I’ll keep trying and keep failing, or, I will manage this year. I WILL. I got very aggressive.

My third goal was to read 8 classics. I think I read 4 like classic-classics. I read quite a few modern classics, but I was sort of counting books written before 1900, so I sort of failed at this one, but I’ll try to do better.

I also wanted to do the Mount TBR challenge again. And I tried for 36 books again, and I failed, because I buy books like they’re going out of style. I’ll try again, because I have a lot of books, see previous sentence. So I’m trying to do it again this year.

One of my goals was to finish series I’d started and never really finished. I think I actually finished like three series, so that’s pretty good. It’s not a total failure. I also have four (I think) series enders waiting. So I’m hoping that I’ll keep going with that.

I wanted to read a book by a person of colour every month. I didn’t read one every month, but the further into the year I got the more diverse I got in my reading in general, so I got to like 16 (no clue, not checking) under my belt. I’m sort of dropping this goal. Not because I don’t want to read diversely, but because it felt a bit token-y, and I was sort of putting people into boxes of them just being one thing, which is creepy. But I also read mostly American or English authors last year, and I want to read other countries this year, so it should help a lot. Anyway. 

Another goal was to do the Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, and I managed that. Quite easily. I’m doing the 2016 challenge too, which looks like it’s going to be quite a bit harder, so that’ll be fun.

And my last goal was to read 50/50 women and men. I read 55% women and 45% men, so it’s pretty close. I’m pleased with that.

So yes, I read 55% women. I read mostly white Americans, which is a bit upsetting, but hopefully I will be able to diversify my reading more this year. Hopefully.

I read 103 books this year. 14 of them were graphic novels, 18 were audio books, the rest were normal novels or non-fiction books. I read 34555 pages, and the average length of the books was 335 pages, which I guess is regular novel length, so that works out.

My favourite book was the Bone Clocks. My least favourite book was Blood and Chocolate, because ew. My most exciting discoveries were Toni Morrison and John Steinbeck, who I’d never read before, and they were both amazing, and I’d really love to read more of their work. The weirdest book I read (that’s a real category) was Geek Love. The most disappointing was Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman. It wasn’t bad, it was just… meh. The stories, apart from two of them, were very forgettable, and I was just… meh.

So that's my wrap-up of 2015. Some goals I crushed, some I failed spectacularly. Oh the fun. On to 2016.