Evna by Siri Pettersen

I finished Evna by Siri Pettersen, and that was fun. And now I'll review it. I realize it’s hard to review the third book in a trilogy. And a book that was written in another language, but fuck it. It’ll be in English, and it’ll be fine. I don’t think the books have been translated to English, they’ve been translated to a bunch of other languages though so get to it English translators. Or you know, if you read Norwegian, these are great.

The book
This is the last book in the Ravneringene (Raven circles?) trilogy. It’s the final instalment about Hirka, and the world that she lives in and her journey. So this is a Norwegian trilogy about a girl who grew up in a world of people who can do this sort of magic, who have tails, and who have some connection to Norse mythology. She finds out she’s not from there, but from our world, the world of humans. And she goes there in the second book. In that book she finds out she’s half human, half Umpiri, also known as the blind in the country she came from, and she knows she has to go to their land, and give the gift of magic back to them and back to humans, and everyone who have lost it. And she has to balance on this knife’s edge.

I really like Hirka. She’s an exceptional main character. She’s tough, she’s strong, and she’s very young and vulnerable at the same time. She grew up fairly poor and isolated, and she doesn’t always fit in with her rich, upper class friend, but she won’t let it stop her. She also has a lot of great character growth in the whole story, and a lot of it in this book. She really comes into herself, and it’s badass, and beautiful, and it’s hard, and she is tough and scared and I love her.

It was a great conclusion to the whole story. It was full of action and it’s full of great world building. Pettersen is really great at building worlds. She doesn’t just info dump, she gives you what you need when you need it. And since Hirka has to go to places she doesn’t know we get to see the confusing places she goes to and learn about them with her.

It was pretty obvious how the Hirka-Rime story would end, and I really didn’t care. I love them together. I think Rime is really friggin’ hot. He’s a bit broody and he takes pretty much every pain and trouble on his shoulders, because you know, why wouldn’t he? He is also loving, and passionate, and beautiful. And Rime also has an amazing growth, he seems to realize he can’t fix everything, and he can’t take responsibility for everything. I feel like it ended how it should for the two of them. I think they’re too different, and maybe a bit too broken for it to have ended in any other way. Their lives might change, and maybe they’ll live different lives later, but the book ended how it should have, and I loved it. They’re so beautiful, and broken, and I think their relationship will save them and they’ll help each other, and yeah. When I say broken; I have no doubt they will fight through to the other side. They’re strong and tough, and resilient as hell, but right now they’re sort of broken, and I think they’ll get through it together and come out stronger and happier on the other side.

I really loved the world building. Siri Pettersen writes beautiful, amazing worlds. The setting of the capital of the Umpiri was amazing. It’s set in a city in a sort of canyon, and on the top there is ice and snow and it’s so gorgeous and it’s so great.

I really loved it. I kind of want to re-read the whole series again and read them closer together, and not like on in a year. So, yes. I loved them, they’re magical. The characters and the world, and everything. It was great.