Is it just me? By Miranda Hart

Absolutely marveloso.

The book
Is it just me? is Miranda Hart’s memoir/self-help book. It’s a tongue-in-cheek self-help book. Miranda Hart is an English comedian who has her own eponymous sit-com, and she was in Call the Midwife. She’s 6’1” and very posh, and very awkward. She wrote this when she was 38 and is sort of writing it to her 18-year-old self. She feels like there is no manual for adult life, so she’s making her own, Miran-ual.

I listened to the audio book version, which I really recommend. Miranda Hart reads it herself and she’s a great narrator. She also inserts her 18-year-old self in the story and talks to herself. It’s very good. Miranda went to a private posh boarding school and she refers to a lot of her oddly named posh friends and making words sort of vaguely Spanish sounding by changing them to “hidiola” and “marveloso” and I loved it.

Miranda is absolutely hilarious and she has a very conversational writing style and keeps referring to the reader or listener as MDLC (My Dear Listener Chum), which is incredibly adorable and endearing.

It is structured in a way that every chapter deals with something you have to go through in life, school, politics, beauty, pets, weddings, so on. And she sort of goes through embarrassing things that has happened related to those things and sort of relating to her younger self how the dreams and ambitions she had as a child might not have come true, and that’s okay.

It’s a very sweet memoir, it was very cool to see how she was very aware of the goals and dreams she had when she was younger and also being very clear on the fact that even if she didn’t accomplish her goals and dreams that’s okay. Not only because you can’t do everything, but also because she’s gotten more pragmatic and honest, and she knows that the goals she had were not only impossible, but not really true to what she actually wanted. And the one thing, the one secret thing she always wanted she did accomplish. So while her 18-year-old self might be horrified with where her life is, like 18-year-old me is probably pretty disappointed in me, it’s in many ways a book about accepting your life, and yourself, and being more honest about who you are and what you want. And it’s about the fact that you probably will go through embarrassing things, and you’ll make a fool out of yourself, and you’ll face disappointment, but you’ll be okay anyway. And it’s not the end of the world.


In conclusion I really liked this. Miranda Hart is wonderful, and beautiful, and hilarious. And it was great to listen to the audiobook. She’s hilarious and her voice is very posh and brilliant, and I like listening to her voice.